Mitt Romney and John McCain fight over water boarding as torture during YouTube debate

They should show a video of water boarding.

2 Responses to Mitt Romney and John McCain fight over water boarding as torture during YouTube debate

  1. Norb says:

    I am not a fan of John McCain and much of his political rhetoric. However, his stance on Waterboarding demonstrated to me that he [is] the best qualified Republican in the field for President. It takes moral courage, and political ethics to inform thse of whom you wish to govern, that a serious wrong has been committed. Romney clearly demonstrated that he did not want to inform Ameica that a war crime has been committed and that its authority to act originatd within the Whitehouse. Party support and political jockeying aside, this country stood on the concept of Right, Truth, and Justice, which Romney failed to demonstrate that he would uphold prior to his desired election. In this instance, Romney fell silent in order not to offend the present administration and iform to the world, as John McCain did, that Waterboarding is a Crime against humanity and a legally defined War Crime under the Geneva Conventions. Take this in light to the concept of criminalizing child spanking as a crime of abuse! Perhaps Romney also feels that Waterboarding is more preferable in child management as a tool to correct unwanted behavior than a spanking,

  2. Eric Taylor says:

    If a terrorist has information where a nuclear bomb is and there is an 1 hr before it goes off, are you as the person in charge of finding that bomb, before it kills millions of americans, going to stand there in front of the terrorist and say “PLEASE, will you tell me where the bomb is Mr. terrorist” ??????

    If someone had a family member, brother ,sister, son, or daughter of your barried in a 4’x4′ box 6′ underground and they had 2 hrs of air left to survive, would you stand there and say “Please tell us where they are” and they do not answer—- will your words make them talk? I highly doubt it……..

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