Obama girl v. McCain girl

July 26, 2008

McCain ads against Obama gain viewers on YouTube

July 23, 2008

News: This week, the McCain camp has launched a series of ads against Barack Obama. Compared to McCain’s earlier videos, these videos appear to be doing very well on YouTube, getting thousands of views. I hope to get another full report on the candidates’ videos on YouTube in the near future.

Obama Love ad mocking the media for coverage of Obama

“Pump” ad blaming Obama for high gas prices

Troop funding ad against Obama

Iraq video against Obama

YouTube holds contest to attend Democratic and Republican National Conventions

July 11, 2008

Go to:


And submit a video answering the question:

“Why are you a Republican in 2008?”


“Why are you a Democrat in 2008?”

The 5 most creative and compelling videos will be selected by each Convention committee, and YouTube users will vote for the winner.

The deadline for submission is AUGUST 1 – so submit your video today!

Barack Obama beats John McCain in popularity on YouTube by a landslide

June 25, 2008

News:  I’ve just published my Fifth Report analyzing the videos of the presidential candidates on YouTube.  Barack Obama continues to beat John McCain in popularity on YouTube by wide margins.

You can view and download the report by clicking here.

Barack Obama announces he won’t use public campaign finance

June 19, 2008

Barack Obama now No.1 candidate on YouTube

April 24, 2008

Go to my report.

Saturday Night Live spoof of Hillary Clinton “3 am” phone call negative ad

March 9, 2008

Video over at The Utube Blog 2.0, www.theutubeblog.net.  Hilarious skit, one of the funniest in recent memory.