Prince + Radiohead dispute over YouTube clip showing Prince perform Radiohead’s Creep

May 31, 2008

News: One of my students brought this controversy to my attention. It’s delicious. Prince performed Radiohead’s Creep at a concert at Coachella. Some audience member taped it and posted a clip on YouTube apparently. Prince’s people then filed a DMCA notice demanding the removal of the clip. But Radiohead’s Thom Yorke wants the clip back up because Radiohead owns the copyright to the song. (More)

So now it’s back up on YouTube:

Analysis: Radiohead’s right that it owns the rights to the song. Prince is just performing Radiohead’s song, so he has no copyright to it. He might have an anti-bootlegging claim as a performer, but that falls outside the purview of the DMCA notice-and-take down procedure. So it’s not clear to me what YouTube should do when Radiohead wants it up.

Is YouTube’s business toast?

May 30, 2008

News:  Tech Crunch’s Erick Schonfeld has the best analysis I’ve seen about YouTube’s market share and business model.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt openly concedes that it has faced difficulties in converting YouTube into a money-making venture in the same way Google has.  Schonfeld estimates or speculates that YouTube’s advertising revenues (in the neighborhood of $200 million) represent only 15% of the online video market, even though YouTube commands 37% of all videos watched online.

FOX + News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch endorses Barack Obama; says Obama is “fantastic”

May 29, 2008

“Buket,” alleged graffiti guy on YouTube, gets arrrested

May 28, 2008

Cyrus Yazdani was arrested by LA County sheriffs for allegedly spraying graffiti in broad daylight and videotaping it for YouTube.  (More)

Do cellphones cause brain cancer + tumors?

May 28, 2008

This sounds like a time bomb waiting to explode. Really scary. If the studies substantiate these suspicions, then the entire mobile industry will be in serious question. (More)  Here’s the largest study so far, the Interphone study, which has not yet proven a link.

Here are some things I heard recommended by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN:

1.  Do NOT wear your cellphone in your pocket; it should be kept in an approved holster (to reduce the spread of microwaves).

2.  Do NOT hold your cellphone to your head.  Use speakerphone or an earpiece (but don’t wear your earpiece around when not in use).

American Idol David Cook launches YouTube channel

May 27, 2008

You can visit David Cook’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

Robert Muraine does “Robot dance” on So You Think You Can Dance

May 27, 2008

Not bad, but not as good as my favorite version of The Robot Dance, below. Wait for the second guy on the vid.

Off topic, but check out this restaurant review: