Illinois Senate begins impeachment trial of Blagojevich

January 26, 2009

Blagojevich says the “fix is in.”

Sen. Kennedy has malignant brain tumor

May 20, 2008

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sen. Ted Kennedy and his family.

Barack Obama now No.1 candidate on YouTube

April 24, 2008

Go to my report.

Clinton aide accuses Barack Obama of plagiarism

February 19, 2008

Wow, the Clinton camp is pulling out all the stops.  (more)

Barack Obama on “just words” response to Clinton

February 18, 2008

draft Lessig?

February 18, 2008


More about the draft.  Article from ars technica.

Hillary Clinton 2nd attack ad on Barack Obama

February 17, 2008, “Yes we can” song for Barack Obama

February 8, 2008

Five days, over 2 million views.

Author Toni Morrison endorses Obama

January 29, 2008

Dear Senator Obama,

This letter represents a first for me–a public endorsement of a Presidential candidate. I feel driven to let you know why I am writing it. One reason is it may help gather other supporters; another is that this is one of those singular moments that nations ignore at their peril. I will not rehearse the multiple crises facing us, but of one thing I am certain: this opportunity for a national evolution (even revolution) will not come again soon, and I am convinced you are the person to capture it.

May I describe to you my thoughts?

I have admired Senator Clinton for years. Her knowledge always seemed to me exhaustive; her negotiation of politics expert. However I am more compelled by the quality of mind (as far as I can measure it) of a candidate. I cared little for her gender as a source of my admiration, and the little I did care was based on the fact that no liberal woman has ever ruled in America. Only conservative or “new-centrist” ones are allowed into that realm. Nor do I care very much for your race[s]. I would not support you if that was all you had to offer or because it might make me “proud.”

In thinking carefully about the strengths of the candidates, I stunned myself when I came to the following conclusion: that in addition to keen intelligence, integrity and a rare authenticity, you exhibit something that has nothing to do with age, experience, race or gender and something I don’t see in other candidates. That something is a creative imagination which coupled with brilliance equals wisdom. It is too bad if we associate it only with gray hair and old age. Or if we call searing vision naivete. Or if we believe cunning is insight. Or if we settle for finessing cures tailored for each ravaged tree in the forest while ignoring the poisonous landscape that feeds and surrounds it. Wisdom is a gift; you can’t train for it, inherit it, learn it in a class, or earn it in the workplace–that access can foster the acquisition of knowledge, but not wisdom.

When, I wondered, was the last time this country was guided by such a leader? Someone whose moral center was un-embargoed? Someone with courage instead of mere ambition? Someone who truly thinks of his country’s citizens as “we,” not “they”? Someone who understands what it will take to help America realize the virtues it fancies about itself, what it desperately needs to become in the world?

Our future is ripe, outrageously rich in its possibilities. Yet unleashing the glory of that future will require a difficult labor, and some may be so frightened of its birth they will refuse to abandon their nostalgia for the womb.

There have been a few prescient leaders in our past, but you are the man for this time.

Good luck to you and to us.

Toni Morrison

Huckabee backs GodTube

January 29, 2008

News:  Mike Huckabee (a pastor himself) has posted a video on GodTube — the Christian video sharing site — backing the site.  He states:

Well, the reason GodTube is an important part of the election process is because this myth that Christians ought to keep to themselves in the church, and never get outside — that’s like saying, let’s never let the salt get onto things that are spoiling. Let’s never let the light actually show up in a dark places to illuminate the path.

That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. The whole point of being a Christian is to penetrate the darkness, is to preserve the things that are spoiling, and I don’t know of anything more spoiled, more decadent, than politics.

So if there’s ever a place where there ought to be a concentration of Christian activity and involvement, I’d say it’s in politics and government.

So GodTube is helping to be that bridge to get people from the world of the spiritual into the mission field of politics.”

Analysis: Smart move for Mike.

Kennedys endorse Obama

January 28, 2008

News: Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK, and Senator Ted Kennedy have officially endorsed Barack Obama. Caroline’s endorsement of Obama yesterday in the NYT op-ed was very moving: She described Obama as the only person she has witnessed in her lifetime who could be a “President Like My Father.” That’s a remarkable statement from a remarkable woman.

Ted Kennedy still knows how to deliver a speech!

Caroline Kennedy endorses Obama


Barack Obama victory speech in South Carolina

January 27, 2008

Is President Bill Clinton completely out of control?

January 24, 2008

It seems beneath the dignity of a former President of the United States to be the attack dog in a political campaign.  I don’t remember President George H.W. Bush playing that role for his son.

President Bill Clinton falls asleep during MLK service

January 22, 2008

Obama girl? Hillary boy?: “I’ve got a crush on Hillary”

January 15, 2008

Davedays has taken the citizen political video to another level.  Take that, Obama girl.

The Utube Blog study: Ron Paul still rules YouTube, but Huckabee makes a surge

January 9, 2008

The Utube Blog study on Presidential Candidate Videos on YouTube–click to download

News: You can download from the link above my latest report on the use of videos on YouTube by the presidential candidates. The study was completed before the New Hampshire primary.

Analysis: Here are my 3 key findings:

(1) Republican candidate Ron Paul continues to be, by a wide margin, the most popular candidate on YouTube, in terms of the average number of views per video (105,908 views per video) and the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel (42,858). He also has the most total views (9,320,763) on YouTube for any presidential candidate (although he does not have the most viewed single video on YouTube—Mike Huckabee does).

(2) Republican candidate Mike Huckabee has experienced a dramatic growth in the popularity of his videos during November and December 2007. He jumped from close to the worst in average number of views in October 2007 to the second most views per video by January 4, 2008, with 27,818 views per video. Most impressive of all is the fact that Huckabee is the first candidate with a video that has generated over 1 million views on YouTube.

(3) Finally, as the primary season has begun, the candidates’ YouTube videos have seen a huge increase in the number of views than in previous months.

Hillary Clinton tears up — near crying — in New Hampshire

January 7, 2008

News:  Has Hillary Clinton really been reduced to tears? 

Analysis:  I don’t think this is a good strategy for her.  It looks desperate.  If it was spontaneous, her people need to give her a rest from the campaigning so she can look strong and energized.  If she believes in her cause, she should continue at least until February 5th, but stop trying to be who she’s not.

YouTube to cover Iowa caucuses

December 21, 2007

News:  The Des Moines Register and YouTube will be soliciting videos from people on the Iowa caucuses as things unfold.  You can submit your video starting today.

Oprah backs Obama on campaign trail + YouTube

December 10, 2007

News: Barack Obama is now in a statistical tie with Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

Analysis: Oprah is an excellent campaigner. The Clinton camp should be hitting the panic button right now. This will be their toughest challenge for the Democratic nomination.

Chuck Norris endorses Mike Huckabee on YouTube — is he now the Republican front runner?

December 6, 2007

I used to be a political junkie in high school and a little in college. Not anymore these days. But I do think I have a modest skill in analyzing the political landscape. Several years ago, I told a friend of mine that Rudy Giuliani will be the front runner to get the Republican nomination. He said there’s no way the conservatives would back him, the guy had too much baggage and liberal leaning social policies. I said, 9/11.

Then, just several months ago, I suggested to another friend that Mike Huckabee has a chance on the Republican side. That was when the political pundits said that he had none. Well, today, Huckabee is leading the polls in Iowa. You heard that right, Huckabee is now on top in Iowa. And he’s surging in the polls nationally. Apparently, getting the endorsement of Chuck Norris helped.

Huckabee’s also surging on YouTube. His first video with Chuck Norris (see below) is, by my account, the only video on YouTube from one of the candidates, Republican or Democrat, that has received over 1 million views.

By the way, none of this post should be taken as my endorsement of any candidate.

Candidate for Prime Minister Kevid Rudd caught in “eary” moment on YouTube

October 25, 2007

News: Six months ago, Labour Party leader Kevin Rudd, who’s now running for Aussie Prime Minister, was caught on video cleaning wax from his ear — and then eating it! Eww, I know, that’s nasty. The guy surely should have known the cameras would catch him in the background because he was sitting in the legislature in full view of the cameras.

If you think that’s disgusting, Gordon Brown (now PM of the UK) was caught picking his nose several times, as was George Bush before he became president. The Telegraph UK has more on the story.

Aussie PM John Howard runs election campaign on YouTube

October 24, 2007

News:  Australian Prime Minister John Howard has already posted seven videos on YouTube in his capacity as Prime Minister.  Now, he’s running his re-election campaign on YouTube, too — altough so far the video has received only 8,000 views.  (By contrast, Ron Paul in the US election gets over 85,000 views on average per video.)

Analysis: Hmmm.  Is it possible that YouTube will help to decide the next leader of both the United States and Australia?  All of the US presidential candidates have their own channel on YouTube (with Ron Paul in the lead).  It will be fascinating to watch if there’s a single “YouTube moment” that shapes the entire campaign.

Ron Paul rules YouTube, Fred Thompson flops

October 18, 2007

My second report on the presidential candidate videos on YouTube will be out soon.  Stay tuned.

Pres. Bush mistakenly declares “Mandela is dead”

September 21, 2007

Nelson Mandela reports that he is, in fact, alive.

Law & Order star Fred Thompson announces bid for presidency on YouTube

September 6, 2007

News: It’s official: Fred Thompson is running for President.  His channel on YouTube is now running.

Analysis: Was this taped from the set of Law & Order?

Are politicians afraid of YouTube?

August 29, 2007

News: The Detroit Free Press has this excellent article analyzing how YouTube affects, if not frightens, politicians.  Here’s a snippet:

“But the angst about how easily it is to ridicule someone online was reflected in the questions I was asked. One woman representative said someone took a picture of her face and superimposed another body underneath that “was dressed in pajamas” and used it in a YouTube parody. “Is that legal?” she asked.

“I couldn’t help but snicker.

“You laugh,” she said, “But that was embarrassing to me.”

“So were the objects of the crude cartoons used to disparage candidates back in the old pamphleteering days, I said. It’s just that the Internet makes political ridicule more immediate. If you’re in the public eye, you’re going to get your’s blackened from time to time.”

The Utube Blog study: Ron Paul is the No.1 presidential candidate on YouTube, by a landslide

August 13, 2007

News: For the past couple months, I’ve been collecting data on all the presidential candidates’ videos on YouTube. Today, I’m publishing my first report, “Analyzing the Presidential Candidate Videos on YouTube August 2007.”

The report reaches two basic findings for the presidential candidate videos thus far:

(1) The presidential candidates have gained only a relatively modest amount of views and subscribers to their YouTube videos; and

(2) Republican candidate Ron Paul is, by a wide margin, the most popular candidate on YouTube, in terms of the average number of views per video and the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel. He also has the most total views on YouTube for any presidential candidate.

Here’s one slice of the report:


View the report: Click here. I’ve also set up a new blog called The YouTube President with a copy of the report. I’ll be collecting my reports there.

Download the report: The Utube Blog study August 2007.doc

(Copyright permission: Please feel free to copy the report and re-use it, including the graphs, in other works, as long as attribution is given to Professor Edward Lee and The Utube Blog. Thanks.)

The Utube Blog study: Who’s the most popular presidential candidate on YouTube?

August 12, 2007

I will have the answer soon.

YouTube Spotlight: Rudy Giuliani

July 19, 2007

My next video: Getting involved on YouTube

July 6, 2007

So YouTube is doing a great job in featuring the presidential candidates on You Choose. This week, Jim Gilmore (R.) gets a chance in the Spotlight to ask YouTubers a question here. Each candidates gets 1 week.