Lebron James in High School Musical 3, SNL

September 30, 2007

Video of the week: Renetto, “Tube It,” the YouTube song

September 28, 2007

Catchy song from Renetto (who used to sing in a band in his former life).

Honey, I shrunk YouTube

September 27, 2007

News: Last night, YouTube performed some maintenance. The result today is that the thumbnails on YouTube are even smaller (or flatter) than before, with a new border thatc compresses the actual image. Take a look below for a comparison.

New thumbnails


Old thumbnails


Analysis: The new thumbnails look too small to me.

Congratulations, Terra Naomi

September 27, 2007

News:  Sorry, I’m a little late in reporting that Terra Naomi has officially released her debut album “Under the Influence” with Island Records in the UK.   If you have iTunes, you can flip your switch at the bottom to “United Kingdom” to buy the album because (for archaic reasons employed by music labels) it’s not yet available in the United States version of iTunes.

Analysis:  Awesome achievement.  From YouTube to a music label within a year.  Without a doubt, Terra Naomi is the most important musician to come from YouTube.  Her song “Not Sorry” is doing well on iTunes (and apparently on the radio in the UK).

Chef Gordon Ramsay on YouTube

September 26, 2007

News:  Acerbic British chef Gordon Ramsay (of Hell’s Kitchen) has a new show tonight (FOX, Wed. 9 p.m.) for the U.S. market called “Kitchen Nightmares.”  It’s based on a show he’s already marketed in the UK.  The basic premise is that Chef Ramsay goes into struggling restaurants and tries to whip (no pun intended) them into shape.

Analysis:  I saw the BBC version and loved it.  Ramsay could start his own consulting business for restaurants.

Esmee Denters launches “Around the World” video on YouTube

September 25, 2007

News: Esmee Denters is one of the biggest musical discoveries on YouTube. This spring, she signed with Justin Timberlake and got to perform with him in Europe. Here’s Episode 1 of her mini-documentary, “Around the World with Esmee.” For more posts on Esmee, visit here.

Analysis: The best part is the ending, where we get to know Esmee a little more.

uTunes music Monday: Bobby Thompson, “Ireland”

September 24, 2007

News: I will be making a more concerted effort (no pun intended) to feature talented amateur musicians. I’ve been doing this already (in my posts called uTunes), but I will try to make it a regular Monday feature (maybe every other week, if not weekly). To be honest, it’s been hard to find a steady crop of talented singers on YouTube after Terra Naomi and Esmee. I will keep trying, though.

Today’s featured artist is Bobby Thompson. He just joined YouTube and just posted his original song, “Ireland.”

Analysis: So far, male amateur artists have not hit it as big from YouTube as the women. I like the tone of this guy’s voice. Very clear, and a catchy, lyrical tune.