Lebron James MVP press conference Akron St. Vincent-St.Mary

May 7, 2009

Lebron James between legs dunk in warmups @ Miami

March 3, 2009

Lebron James dunk over Kevin Garnett: “No regard for human life”

February 17, 2009

Nate Robinson jumps over Dwight Howard to win Slam Dunk Competition 2009

February 16, 2009

Lebron James scores 52 points in triple double @ Madison Square Garden

February 5, 2009

NBA “There can only be one” Magic Johnson + Larry Bird

June 8, 2008

OK, I have to admit I first thought this was a spoof.  But it’s not.  That’s really Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.  They should’ve made this commercial 20 years ago!

Kobe Bryant jumps over pool of snakes

May 27, 2008

Lebron James dunks over Kevin Garnett

May 14, 2008

Gerald Green “Birthday cake” dunk

February 17, 2008

Gerald Green, last year’s slam dunk champ, was runner up this year.  He pulled out this amazing dunk on his 1st dunk — blowing out a candle while dunking — but only received 45 of 50 points.  Maybe the judges didn’t see that he actually blew out the candle.

Dwight Howard “Superman” slam dunk, Perfect 10

February 17, 2008

Below is the longer version:

Dwight Howard (who is over 7 foot tall) won the dunk competition yesterday night, pulling out some dunks that I have never seen before (and I’ve watched every competition except the ABA one won by Dr. J). The “Superman” dunk may have been the most original. If you watch, Howard literally throws the ball from high above the rim and into the basket. Not sure if he planned it that way, but it worked.

The Best NBA facial dunks of 2007

December 30, 2007

Of all the professional sports, the NBA is leading the way in online videos.  This video is amazing.  I love it.

Ask Charles Barkley + Kenny Smith a question on YouTube

October 29, 2007

News: The NBA and TNT have teamed up on YouTube to allow you to ask TNT analysts Charles Barkely, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson a question on YouTube — which will be answered on TV on November 1.  Post your question to the video on YouTube.

Witness on YouTube: LeBron James dominates Game 5, scoring 29 of last 30 points for Cavs

June 3, 2007

The NBA joined YouTube last November, but already it is the 11th most viewed director on YouTube with over 20 million views.  This has been a huge success for the NBA and shows the power of advertising through YouTube videos.  The NBA even hosts a mashup-up basketball discussion group on YouTube.

NBA highlights: Baron Davis slam dunks over person

May 13, 2007

Video compliments of the NBA.

NBA secures deal with YouTube, enters Web 2.0

February 27, 2007

News:  NBA announced a deal with YouTube to deliver basketball highlights on YouTube.  Also, the NBA is holding a contest for people to send in their best basketball moves.   See the video below.  (Sorry, my best BBall moves would not make anyone’s highlight reel.)  Even more exciting, on the NBA’s own site, users can apparently create their own mashups of NBA basketball highlights on NBA Highlight Mixer, through which you can synch in music from the NBA library.  This is fantastic!  I wonder what Mark Cuban has to say now.