No. 1 YouTube comedian Kevjumba on Halloween

November 8, 2007

Kevjumba is the No.1 Comedian on YouTube.   His videos get hundreds of thousands of views, many of them nearing the 1 million mark. Not bad for a guy who’s still in high school.  He even seems to have permission to use songs from Om Records in his videos.

Tyson the skateboarding dog, the most popular YouTuber on Oprah?

November 8, 2007

News:  So a day after Oprah featured YouTubers on her show, who do you think was the most popular?  Well, it looks like Tyson, the skateboarding dog, stole the show.  The video view count on Oprah’s channel looks like this:

Tyson, the skateboarding dog – 608,662 views

Esmee Denters – 189,202

Paul Potts – 96,805

Chad Hurley & Steve Chen – 49,209, 29,917

Mr. Evolution of Dance – 40,012


Analysis:   Of course, Oprah beat everyone, with over 1 million views for her big announcement on YouTube.