Apple CEO Steve Jobs steps down for medical leave

January 15, 2009

Charlie Rose interview Walt Mossberg, Steve Levy + Michael Arrington on iPhone 3G

July 24, 2008

Video here

Shazam is the best app for the iPhone (music identifier) — is this magic or what?

July 18, 2008

You have to see it to believe it. Shazam is like magic. When the app is put onto the iPhone (which you can do free), the program will listen to any music recording playing in the room — yes, you heard that right! Talk about a clever way to spy on people in the future through their iPhones, but that’s another review.

Shazam then will identify the music that is playing by title and artist, plus give you links to iTunes to buy the music and the video on YouTube. This is so wickedly unbelievable and cool!

BTW, this technology does suggest that finding copyright infringement on the Internet should be far easier than the music industry lets on.

Off topic, but check out this restaurant review:

Steve Jobs launches iPhone 3G or iPhone 2.0

June 11, 2008

Steve Jobs MacWorld 90-minute keynote in 1 minute flat

January 17, 2008

Fantastic editing!

According to Forbes, though, Jobs failed to wow the rabid Apple fanatics at MacWorld, who were underwhelmed by this year’s announcements.

Steve Jobs announces MacBook Air + iTunes movie rentals at MacWorld

January 16, 2008

News: MacWorld is the annual pilgrimage for all the obsessed Mac devotees in the world. Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation is, of course, the main event. This year, Jobs announced a new super-thin laptop called the MacBook Air, as well as some tinkering with the disappointing AppleTV. Tech Crunch has the play-by-play.

As techdirt reports, another significant announcement was Apple’s entry into video rental market via iTunes. You can now rent movies through iTunes. Techdirt, though, questions Apple’s per-video rental fees, instead of the NetFlix “all you can eat” subscription plays. Techdirt also questions the use of DRM on the iTunes movies, something that has backfired in the music world — in part because Steve Jobs criticized it.

The new MacBook Air is priced at $1,799, which Tech Crunch says is too expensive.

Helio Ocean phone now plays YouTube videos

December 13, 2007

News: The Helio Ocean phone now has souped-up functionality with YouTube videos, allowing even more functions that the iPhone (e.g., commenting, rating, access to personal videos). “Helio has taken the mobile YouTube experience to the next level,” Chad Hurley, YouTube co-founder and CEO, said in a statement from Helio. “This innovative application offers people even more customization and provides them with instant access to interact with the YouTube community whenever and wherever they go.” (More)

You can view a demo here. This looks cool.

Here’s a comparison between Ocean versus the Apple iPhone.

Sneak peak (funny) at iPhone

June 28, 2007

Analysis: I haven’t tested this out yet (it doesn’t come out until June 29 at 6 p.m.), but I think the biggest question is the lack of a buttoned keyboard for people who use Blackberrys and text messages. Have you ever been to a Panera Bread store and watched their cashiers use a pen cap to type on the keyboard screen? That’s the problem.  And there’s the cost.

Apple’s new iPhone to have YouTube

June 20, 2007

News: Apple’s new iPhone, set for release on June 29, will play YouTube videos from the Internet. Apple has a very, very cool demo here. Watch it, it’s amazing.  Steve Jobs is one smart guy.  Apple also just put YouTube into Apple TV.