Scoble interviews Larry Lessig about Obama CTO, net neutrality, changing Congress

November 15, 2008

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Sneak peak (funny) at iPhone

June 28, 2007

Analysis: I haven’t tested this out yet (it doesn’t come out until June 29 at 6 p.m.), but I think the biggest question is the lack of a buttoned keyboard for people who use Blackberrys and text messages. Have you ever been to a Panera Bread store and watched their cashiers use a pen cap to type on the keyboard screen? That’s the problem.  And there’s the cost.

Apple’s new iPhone to have YouTube

June 20, 2007

News: Apple’s new iPhone, set for release on June 29, will play YouTube videos from the Internet. Apple has a very, very cool demo here. Watch it, it’s amazing.  Steve Jobs is one smart guy.  Apple also just put YouTube into Apple TV.


YouTube develops video filtering to stop copyright infringement

June 13, 2007

News:  YouTube already has audio filtering in place from Audible Magic, to help identify unauthorized music files on clips.  Yesterday, YouTube announced that it is developing its own filtering for video content.  Next month, YT will be testing the beta version of the filtering program with Disney and Time Warner, who agreed to be a part of the testing.  More here and here.

Analysis: The video fingerprinting technology would be a huge development if successful.  A lot of people mistakenly believe that such technology already exists.  It doesn’t, at least not in effective fashion.  Audio files are much easier to track (esp. through Audible Magic).  The visual video files are more difficult.  If YouTube and Google are successful in developing this new technology, concerns about copyright liability against YouTube start to diminish.  The allegations that somehow YT’s business plan is based on promoting copyright infringement on its site become even more hollow.

Steve Chen in Taiwan: YouTube on cellphones by year’s end

June 12, 2007

News:  Taiwanese American Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube, spoke at a conference of tech leaders in Taiwan.  Chen said YouTube will be on cellphones by year’s end, and he suggested the possibility of a Taiwanese YouTube.  According to one report, Chen also spoke about Web 3.0:  “Chen said the Internet was moving from the so-called Web 2.0 era — user-generated content in a user-oriented environment — to the Web. 3.0 era, in which users are no longer tied to their PCs, while enjoying much more personalized and individualized content and services on the go.”

Did users revolt against YouTube’s new feature for embedded videos?

June 8, 2007

News: I reported yesterday about YouTube’s new, sleek feature for videos embedded in blogs (such as this one) from YouTube. Well, today, YT shut down the new feature. I’m not sure the reason, but YouTube received numerous comments — many of them quite negative — about the new feature. Most of the complaints didn’t like the intrusiveness of related videos popping up on screen, and possibly containing something other than the “family-oriented” or wholesome video they wanted in their blog.

Analysis: We’ll see how this shakes out. Obviously, YT could just change the default back to the old way, but allow users like me to switch on the new feature. That, of course, would probably slow the propagation of YT videos on other sites, compared to what it would have been with the new feature.

UPDATE, June 9: YouTube has announced that it has changed the new feature to address the negative reaction posted by some very vocal users. Now, the new bubbly “related video” thumbnails don’t appear until the end of watching an embedded video in a blog, when the “menu” pops up and you have to select it. No more “mouseover” effect.  I can’t fine the “menu” icon yet on my embedded videos, so maybe YT is still working out the kinks.

YouTube launches “related videos” feature on embedded videos screen

June 7, 2007

News:  Every video embedded from YouTube now has a face-lift — a slick feature at the bottom of the screen that gives you thumbnail images of related videos, in the hip, bubbly digital look popular today. OK, if you want to see the new look, just hit play below on the video and hover over the screen with your cursor and look for the “magic” at the bottom.  I love it!  Forget about iPhone, this may be the coolest thing ever.

Terra Naomi, “Say It’s Possible,” on sale June 11

UPDATE June 8:  Sorry, the new feature is not working right now on YouTube.  I’m not sure what the problem is; hopefully, YouTube does.