Congress invades YouTube

January 15, 2009

News: The Senate has an official YouTube channel. So does the House.

Analysis: Incredibly interesting, especially following President Obama’s YouTube channel. Kind of makes Viacom’s theory that YouTube’s business model is based on copyright infringement pretty laughable. Except for the judiciary, the entire federal government is now on YouTube.

Australia uses YouTube to campaign against whaling in Japan

October 10, 2007

News: In a video title “Kids connected to a world of whales,” the Australian Minister for the Environment Malcolm Turnbull has targeted Japan for his anti-whaling message. “Can you imagine what life on Earth would be like without these magnificent creatures? Hundreds of years of whaling nearly wiped them out,” Turnbull says. “We urge all countries, especially our friends in Japan, to bring their whaling programs to an end.”

The video even comes with Japanese subtitles. Japan allows hunting of the humpback whale and reportedly over 500 whales were killed last year. (more)

Analysis: The video already has over 16,000 views. The Australian government is the first government to use YouTube in such an overt way for propaganda targeted at another country.  Using children in the debate, wow, now that’s bringing out all the stops.

Pres. Bush mistakenly declares “Mandela is dead”

September 21, 2007

Nelson Mandela reports that he is, in fact, alive.

Australian PM Howard makes YouTube video to ask for good behavior before APEC meeting w/ Bush

September 4, 2007

News:  Downtown Sydney near the meeting place of the APEC conference already has been fenced off.  Now, Prime Minister John Howard has posted this video on YouTube to explain all the security and discourage any violent protests. 

As the narrator on the video remarks, “Violent protesters will most probably target APEC. There will be other protesters who will do so peacefully but for those who don’t and seek to disrupt APEC, there will be significant policing and security responses taken.”  (More)

YouTube Spotlight: Rudy Giuliani

July 19, 2007

So who’s on YouTube?: Aussie PM John Howard

July 19, 2007

Prime Minister John Howard’s video is here. 

So who’s on YouTube?: The European Union (EU)

July 2, 2007

News: It’s called EUTube. The EU Commission is one of the governing bodies of the European Union, which basically oversees much of the economic and political terms for 27 countries. The basic idea is to create one common market among the EU countries, ruled by the same laws and principles.