The power of Oprah + Obama on YouTube

December 12, 2007

News:  29,000 people flock to see Oprah and Barack Obama in South Carolina.  18,500 in Iowa.  Over 100,000 views now on YouTube in 2 days.  Is this the perfect storm for Hillary Clinton?

Oprah backs Obama on campaign trail + YouTube

December 10, 2007

News: Barack Obama is now in a statistical tie with Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

Analysis: Oprah is an excellent campaigner. The Clinton camp should be hitting the panic button right now. This will be their toughest challenge for the Democratic nomination.

Tyson the skateboarding dog, the most popular YouTuber on Oprah?

November 8, 2007

News:  So a day after Oprah featured YouTubers on her show, who do you think was the most popular?  Well, it looks like Tyson, the skateboarding dog, stole the show.  The video view count on Oprah’s channel looks like this:

Tyson, the skateboarding dog – 608,662 views

Esmee Denters – 189,202

Paul Potts – 96,805

Chad Hurley & Steve Chen – 49,209, 29,917

Mr. Evolution of Dance – 40,012


Analysis:   Of course, Oprah beat everyone, with over 1 million views for her big announcement on YouTube.

Oprah on YouTube: YouTube changed the world

November 7, 2007

News: Oprah started out the show today on YouTube with this pronouncement:

“You know, there are a few inventions that I think kind of rock the world. Wouldn’t you agree? The telephone would be in there, right? I think about that every time I dial. There’s just 7 digits, and then you’re talking to somebody. The light bulb would have to be there. And the airplane, of course, because most of you got here by airplane. Of course, the computer, look at how our world has changed since the computer.

“And then there are a couple guys in their twenties who launched YOUTUBE! … [APPPLAUSE] And then it just exploded, virtually exploded. This website allows anybody to post a video and become world famous instantly. Over 200 million–MILLION!–videos are watched on YouTube every single day.”

Analysis: The show today was pretty amazing, as was Oprah. Oprah definitely gets it. She really gets the incredible power of YouTube. She’s not a techie, but she is perhaps the most astute media celebrity/mogul around. As I’ve been saying to anyone who will listen, YouTube is, hands down, the most important website in the 21st century. It is revolutionary. And now Oprah is a part of the revolution.

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So which YouTubers made it on Oprah?

November 7, 2007

Esmee Denters

Julia and James “Dirty Dancing” wedding dance

P Diddy

Juddson Laipply

Paul Potts

Tyson, the skateboarding dance

Oprah interviews Mr. Evolution of Dance (Judson Laiiply)

November 6, 2007

Video click here.  Oprah interviewed Judson Laiiply, whose “Evolution of Dance” is the Most Watched Video (all-time) on YouTube, with over 63 million views.   To put that number into perspective, the last episode of Seinfeld received 75 million views.  So Judson’s video is not too shabby.

Oprah interviews Chad + Steve of YouTube

November 6, 2007

Video click here.  Oprah conducts an excellent interview of co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.  Oprah even has her own flip video camera. 

The best line by Oprah:  “The genius of [YouTube] is how simple it is, and the fact that it includes everybody.”  I couldn’t have put it better myself.