President Bush’s last press conference: admits mistakes

January 13, 2009

Sarah Palin talks about 2012 + 2010 + future

November 14, 2008

Chicago prepares for Hyde Park party for Obama on Election night

November 4, 2008

Video of Sarah Palin voting in Alaska

November 4, 2008

What were the best presidential campaign videos of 2008 on YouTube?

November 2, 2008

News: The presidential election is only 2 days away after a long campaign.  I will soon be making my selection for the best campaign videos and speeches on YouTube posted by the presidential candidates. If you have any suggestions, please comment.  Below are a few of the categories, but I will be adding some more.

1.  Best message ad defining the candidate

2.  Best “negative” ad defining opponent

3.  Best speech

4.  Best user generated or amateur ad

5. Funniest ad

6.  Best “gotcha” moment

Conservatives supporting Barack Obama

October 24, 2008

Virginia rallies for Obama — responds to Sarah Palin’s “pro America” comment

October 24, 2008