Mashup/Remix Conference 2009 @ The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

January 13, 2009

Terra Naomi, new song “You for Me” and new website

November 25, 2008

Click here for Terra Naomi’s new website

Terra Naomi posts new song “Happy Story” on YouTube

October 1, 2008

Terra Naomi sings at Joe’s Pub in NYC

September 27, 2008

Up Here

Say It’s Possible

What we do

Terra Naomi, “the drugs don’t work”

August 23, 2008

Amazing, enchanting rendition by Terra Naomi.  She is amazing.

Terra Naomi – Johnny Cash “Blue Train”

May 9, 2008

Terra Naomi headlines launch of YouTube Russia

December 11, 2007

December 11 marks the launch of YouTube in Russia. Terra Naomi will be performing at the opening in Russia.  Amazing.

Terra Naomi + Rachel Thibodeau jam session

December 2, 2007

Terra Naomi releases “Up Here,” “Summertime” and “Umbrella” cover

November 20, 2007

News: Terra Naomi just released in the UK three songs, “Up Here” and “Summertime,” and a cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”

The songs are available through Island Tunes. (Sorry, not yet on US iTunes.)

Analysis: I just bought these songs. The “Umbrella” cover is spine-chilling, amazing, mesmerizing, mind blowing, jaw dropping, hair standing, I-can’t-believe-I-just-heard-that unbelievably good. Wow, I just love this version and could listen to this song over and over again (I just listened to the song six times in a row). You’ve got to listen to this song on Island Tunes (you can preview it for free, but it’s even better in its entirety)! Amazing.

The “Summertime” song has a cool, pyschedelic vibe to it, very different from the video above. “Up Here” is pretty much what you hear on the video above.

Terra Naomi sings Jane’s Addiction in Virtual Hotel Tour

October 28, 2007

Terra Naomi jams to “You sexy thing”

October 26, 2007

Analysis: Awesome. Just wait until Terra whips out the kazoo! What a hoot! This woman is so talented.

For more about Terra Naomi, here is my interview with her.

Terra Naomi launches Virtual Tour 2.0 on YouTube

October 25, 2007

News: Terra Naomi is opening for The Fray in the UK. She decided to give us a glimpse of her tour by posting a video every night. Here’s the first, with Terra and her band in her hotel room.

Analysis: Lovely!

Terra Naomi to return to “Virtual Tour” on YouTube

October 22, 2007

News: As typical for this amazing songstress, Terra Naomi has posted some very personal blog posts on her blog, discussing why she hasn’t posted many videos on YouTube after being discovered there. Here’s what she says: “A real lack of free time along with a few bad experiences made it really easy to distance myself from myspace and youtube, but i decided that i need to make more time to communicate with the people who actually get something from my music (unlike many of the other people i have to make time to talk to and deal with on a daily basis).” Terra confesses she’s still trying to “transition” from being an unknown artist posting on YouTube to a signed musician.

The good news is that Terra has decided to launch another “Virtual Tour” on YouTube, by posting a video every night of her upcoming tour with The Fray: “i also decided to revisit the virtual tour, and i will post a new video every night of the tour, from my hotel room. or maybe the bus. depends on where i am after each show, i guess!”

Analysis: In the past few months, I’ve wondered a little why Terra Naomi and Esmee Denters (both of whom posted many videos on YouTube before their signings with record labels) don’t continue to post that many videos anymore. Certainly, they have more demands on their time, especially trying to release a new album. At the same time, though, YouTube is where the fan base is that helped them get discovered. It’s great to hear Terra will be launching another “Virtual Tour” on YouTube.

For more information on Terra Naomi, visit here.

Congratulations, Terra Naomi

September 27, 2007

News:  Sorry, I’m a little late in reporting that Terra Naomi has officially released her debut album “Under the Influence” with Island Records in the UK.   If you have iTunes, you can flip your switch at the bottom to “United Kingdom” to buy the album because (for archaic reasons employed by music labels) it’s not yet available in the United States version of iTunes.

Analysis:  Awesome achievement.  From YouTube to a music label within a year.  Without a doubt, Terra Naomi is the most important musician to come from YouTube.  Her song “Not Sorry” is doing well on iTunes (and apparently on the radio in the UK).

Terra Naomi “Not sorry” unplugged on YouTube

September 6, 2007

I love this song.

Terra Naomi is “Not Sorry”

August 22, 2007

Terra Naomi is back with a new single, “Not sorry.”  She also bares her soul again on her blog, seeming somewhat fed up with some emails she has received.  This is a cool song, but isn’t the lighting on the video kind of dim?

Terra Naomi performed “Say It’s Possible” at Live Earth

July 10, 2007

News: Over the weekend, Terra Naomi was one of the artists who performed at a sold-out show of over 70,000 at Wembley Stadium for the Live Earth concert to bring awareness to global warming. Terra wrote her song “Say It’s Possible” after seeing Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” Video here.

Terra writes about the experience on her blog:

“it was not until i stood on stage watching corinne bailey ray’s performance that i started to calm down. i don’t know what happened, but i suddenly lost all fear and was filled with a sense of peace. i looked out from behind the curtain and the stadium suddenly appeared much smaller. less intimidating. by the time i walked out onto the stage to play my song, i felt completely safe and calm and happy. i looked out into the crowd and felt completely at ease.

“it was the most incredible performance experience of my entire life.”

The Real History of YouTube in 3 minutes

July 5, 2007

Hello, YouTube. Here’s my latest video. One thing about the title: the video was 3 minutes and 20 seconds, but I added credits at the end, which made it longer.

The original song at the end is “Song for Paige” by Lee Wadlinger, one of my former students. He’s great. Go here for more about his music: and

I hope to make a few more YouTube videos this month, so stay tuned.

Who is Terra Naomi sleeping with?

July 3, 2007

This video is hilarious, especially the ending.

Terra Naomi – Cisco/Rolling Stone interview

July 1, 2007

News: Terra Naomi, the first musician to be discovered on YouTube, had an interview with Cisco as a part of its “Human Network” feature. You can see the video on Cisco. I’m not sure if a text copy is available on Rolling Stone. Terra also performed “Close to Your Head” for the interview, see below. The song is one of my favorites.

Terra Naomi, “Close to Your Head”

Say It’s Possible, Terra Naomi, now on iTunes – 99 cents

June 12, 2007

UPDATE: Terra Naomi’s single is now available on iTunes for 99 cents. You can get the full version and the acoustic version. You can listen to the entire song here. I’ve already purchased mine. Please consider supporting Terra!

As I’ve written already, we all can show the music industry that more amateurs from YouTube and the Internet deserve a chance. Terra’s done her part. Now, it’s our turn. 99 cents, that’s all it takes. You can help change the music industry forever — and for the better.

Official single

Acoustic version

Say It’s Possible, Terra Naomi countdown: 48 24 hours on sale today!

June 9, 2007

UPDATE, Monday, June 11: This is not an ad. This is a request for support. Please consider supporting Terra Naomi, the first musician from YouTube to break through with a major label. She did it with her magical, uplifting song, “Say It’s Possible,” which goes on sale today. You can listen to the entire song here. The official video is below.

I think the song’s beauty speaks for itself. Let me just add this: the music industy is filled with dinosaurs who can be pretty settled in their ways. Because YouTube is new and different, some music industry reps still harbor some skepticism about signing amateur artists from YouTube. As one exec said, “Strong online popularity doesn’t necessarily translate to real sales.”

That’s where we come in. Terra Naomi has opened a door for other amateur artists by showing to the music industry there’s talent to be discovered on the Internet. Terra’s done her part. Now, it’s our turn. We have the power to break that door down, so the music industry cannot ignore all the unsigned talent out there any longer.

You can buy Terra’s single from Island Records here

(.79 English pound, which I think converts to $1.55 US dollar). There’s even a promotion where you can get the track for free if you register.  The single is now available for 99 cents on iTunes (US site), in both full and acoustic versions.

Terra Naomi, mini-documentary, Part 5

May 27, 2007

Terra discusses how her life has changed since being discovered on YouTube.

Terra Naomi, mini-documentary, Part 4

May 21, 2007

Terra Naomi talks about her days as a student studying classical opera. It’s a time when Terra started doing drugs with a bunch of drug-addicted musicians in Detroit. She eventually went home to her parents and collapsed–they took her to rehab.  Terra vowed never to go back to that low point in her life.

The opera training explains a lot. That’s one thing that is distinctive about Terra’s voice. She sometimes sings soprano in her songs, and it’s so pleasant to listen to. (You can hear her range in “In The Summertime,” for example.)

Terra Naomi tells her story on YouTube, Part 3

May 13, 2007

Terra visits high school students and talks about how she connects with young teens. Her song “Jenny” was written in response to 8 high school girls who wrote Terra about thoughts of committing suicide.

The “Say It’s Possible” montage at 0:26 left in the video is fantastic! It might be my favorite version.

Terra Naomi’s “Say It’s Possible,” new version 3.0 now on YouTube

May 5, 2007

I can’t wait to see this song hit No. 1 on the charts when it’s officially released.

Terra Naomi before she was discovered (minidocumentary, Episode 2)

May 1, 2007

This video shows how hard it is for musicians, even those with incredible amounts of talent, to be discovered today. Thank heavens for YouTube in discovering the talent in this video.

Terra Naomi, mini-documentary, Episode 1

April 24, 2007

Nice to see talent, discovered.

Terra Naomi back on YouTube, with a vengeance

April 10, 2007

Terra Naomi jokes around about not letting her stardom get to her head. She also has posted her new song “In the Summertime” and invites you to make her 3rd version of her video of “Say It’s Possible.”

Terra Naomi wins 2006 YouTube Award for music

March 26, 2007

News:  YouTube announced its 2006 YouTube Awards after one week of voting.  I was away all last week, but here’s how I think the winners were selected.  I believe YouTube selected the 10 finalists for each category and allowed 1 week of voting online.  The winners were announced today and the runners up.  You can see the winners here and all the runners up in each categoryl here.  The winners were:

Best Music VideoTerra Naomi, “Say It’s Possible”

Most Creative Video OK Go, on Treadmills

Most InspirationalFree Hugs Campaign 

Most AdorableKiwi!

Best Series: Ask a Ninja

Best CommentaryThe Winekone, Hotness Prevails

Best Comedy: Smosh 2, Stranded

Analysis:  I’m surprised Lonelygirl15 wasn’t up for voting.  I don’t really follow the series, but it seems like a huge omission for YouTube not to include the show. 

I also think that YouTube should do much more with these awards.  I can’t believe the entire thing happened within 1 week, without much time for voting or publicity.  I think the winners were on CBS this morning, but I don’t think many people even knew about it.  In the future, YouTube should try to increase the publicity and stature of the event.

First, I would always hold the awards the week before the Oscars.  Second, I would create a nice trophy and perhaps even give some monetary award to the winners.  After all, most of the winners probably are “starving artist” types.  (I’m not sure what the winners got, other than their names posted.)  Third, I would hold a nice banquet at which the winners are announced.  YouTube should film the announcements and then create a short video for their site.    I also would increase the number of categories.  There should be a “Video of the Year,” for sure, and a category for “Best Video from a TV show/YouTube partner.”        

Why should YouTube do this?  It’s good PR for their site.  And it adds to the incentive for people to create videos for their site.  Adding prestige to the Awards will only add to YouTube’s appeal to users.