lonelygirl15 3.0

February 21, 2008

This new actress looks a lot like Bree, played by Jessica Rose, the 1st lonelygirl.

Lonelygirl15 dies in season finale (or does she?)

August 4, 2007

News: She started on YouTube sweet and innocent. She ended, after only 1 season, on MySpace dead — drained of blood for a leader of a cult called The Order. Sound preposterous? Maybe it was good for the actress Jessica Rose to get out now. Here’s the video she meets her fate. (More)

Analysis: I can’t think of another show that did well after killing off its main star in the first season.

Lonelygirl15 defects to MySpace for season finale

August 3, 2007

News: Today is the season finale for the hit Internet show “Lonelygirl15.” It started out on YouTube, by MySpaceTV scored a big coup in getting exclusive rights to air the season finale today. The “lonelygirl15” creators are running 12 minisodes today, one per hour starting now. The first video is up on MySpaceTV already.

You can see the rest of the finale as they are posted here.


Analysis: Score a victory for MySpaceTV. Rupert Murdoch’s folks must have given the lonelygirl15 crew a sweet deal. I’m getting more impressed with MySpaceTV, a serious competitor to YouTube. The lonelygirl crew usually post their videos on several sites, so I will be interested to see if these videos eventually go on YouTube. If not, a huge loss for YouTube.

Season 1 of Lonelygirl15 in seven minutes

August 2, 2007

Analysis: Fantastic. The film editing is getting pretty slick.  And I finally understand what’s going on.  This series is better than the karaoke crap playing now on TV.

Has Lonelygirl15 gotten out of control?

July 24, 2007

If anyone knows the plot to Lonelygirl15, can you please post a comment.  I’ve watched the recap videos, but they only go up to Episode 83 (of the 140).  I wish I understood what is going on with lonelygirl.  To get a sense of how convoluted the plot is, just listen to this next video:

The Real History of YouTube in 3 minutes

July 5, 2007

Hello, YouTube. Here’s my latest video. One thing about the title: the video was 3 minutes and 20 seconds, but I added credits at the end, which made it longer.

The original song at the end is “Song for Paige” by Lee Wadlinger, one of my former students. He’s great. Go here for more about his music: http://www.myspace.com/leewadlinger and http://nextbestrecords.com/

I hope to make a few more YouTube videos this month, so stay tuned.

Webby Awards: YouTube co-founders, David Bowie, “lonelygirl15,” and “Ask a Ninja”

June 7, 2007

News: The ceremony for the Webby Awards (the so-called Oscars of the Internet) was held in New York. YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen won the Person of the Year Award. Jessica Rose, who plays “lonelygirl15,” won for Best Actress. The Best Actor Award went to “Ask a Ninja” guys Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine. Obviously, YouTube did well this year! (More)

David Bowie also won a lifetime achievement award for his web visual art work on Bowieart.

The best part of the evening: all acceptance speeches must be 5 words or less! Chad and Steve said, “YouTubers, this is for you.” Jessica said, “Being traditional and saying thanks.” Ask a Ninja guys said, “Thanks mom. Thanks Internet fans.” David Bowie got to say more because he’s David Bowie and just won a lifetime achievement award: “I only get five words? Sh*t, that was five. Four more there. That’s three. Two.” (more)