Val’s Art Diary hits Wall Street Journal

November 27, 2007

NewsVal’s Art Diary was featured yesterday in the Wall Street Journal.  You can find the article online

Val is a talented artist who makes YouTube videos of herself painting in time-lapsed video.  Her paintings are impressive, and the videos quite charming, filled with colorful banter.  She has over 22,000 subscribers to her videos, which have been watched hundreds of thousands of time.  Val uses her videos to sell her paintings on eBay and her own website; according to the figures in the article, Val has made thousands of dollars from selling her 49 paintings. You can watch her latest video below.

Analysis:  The Wall Street Journal article doesn’t say much about Val, but what it does say is informative.  We learn that Val is Valentina Trevino.  If I’m not mistaken, that’s the first time Val’s Art Diary has been revealed by her full name in print.  Also, Val is 29 years old and a “Chicago” artist.  Hmm…for some reason I pictured Val in LA! 

I’ve been following Val’s videos for some time.  Her videos definitely are among the best, most creative user-generated content that YouTube has to offer.  Go watch them!