YouTube strikes licensing deal with British music publishers + songwriters

August 30, 2007

News: YouTube struck a major deal with MCPS-PRS Alliance, a British collecting society that represents 10 million musical works on behalf of their publishers or song writers. Under the deal, YouTube will pay a flat fee for use of the musical works on videos on YouTube by its users.  Terms of the flat fee were not disclosed. (More)

Analysis: This is an incredibly important deal for YouTube to stave off more copyright lawsuits. Now it needs to do the same thing with all the U.S. music publishers suing it. As a business strategy, I find it hard to believe that YouTube would only strike this kind of deal with the UK music publishers. If YouTube is able to secure similar deals with the U.S. music publishers suing it and to settle their claims, the copyright lawsuits against YouTube would certainly become less worrisome (reducing the potential scope of liability).

So who’s on YouTube?: TV New Zealand (TVNZ)

June 25, 2007

TV Goodnight Kiwi

According to TVNZ, “Before 24 hour TV Goodnight Kiwi signalled the end of nightly broadcasts. The last airing of this animation was in 1994. Today the characters are regarded as icons of New Zealand culture.” Rest of videos here.

YouTube goes local, gets deal with Hearst-Argyle TV

June 4, 2007

News: YouTube announced a partnership deal with Hearst-Argyle TV, which own TV stations in Boston, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Manchester, N.H. The local programming from TV will find further life on YouTube. (more)

EMI, the last of the 4 major labels, enters YouTube’s fold

May 31, 2007

News:  EMI and YouTube agreed to a licensing deal to allow EMI artists’ videos on YouTube.  YouTube users will also be allowed to make “mashup” and “remixes” of some (if not all) of EMI’s videos.  EMI’s artists include David Bowie, Coldplay, The Decemberists, Fatboy Slim, Gorillaz, Lily Allen, and Norah Jones. (More)

Analysis:  This is big news.  YouTube now has deals in place with all of the 4 major labels.  (No lawsuits from the recording industry.)  That’s quite an accomplishment for YouTube.   

Eros Int’l brings Bollywood videos to YouTube

May 22, 2007

News:  Bollywood is the Indian version of Hollywood.  Eros Int’l is a major studio from India that has just opened up a channel on YouTube.

Robert Scoble of Scobleizer blog loves Google/YouTube deal

May 18, 2007

News: Robert Scoble has one of the most read blogs on WordPress, which is pretty amazing because he only writes about tech stuff. He’s a former Microsoft guy who now works at When Scoble talks, people in the tech world listen.

Yesterday, Scoble gave his strong approval of Google’s acquisition of YouTube. Scoble admits that he didn’t realize the business sense of the deal until now:

“By putting YouTube results into Google’s main engine Google ensures it will have better searches than Yahoo and Microsoft (who were, truth be told, getting damn close to matching Google’s quality). And it does it in a way that Yahoo and Microsoft will not be willing to match. * * * Microsoft still treats each team as something that must make money. Google doesn’t do that. They didn’t care one bit that YouTube didn’t have any revenues. They knew that there’s other ways to make money off of YouTube than to force YouTube to monetize on its own. * * * It also is even more worth putting up with billions of dollars of lawsuits.”

Analysis: YouTube, then, is another database for Google search–a database that no one else has. Brilliant. Just don’t let the YouTube community know that they are just another Google database.  They wouldn’t like that description.

Google negotiating deals with Spanish channels Telecinco and Cuatro

April 17, 2007

News:  Spanish TV channels Telecinco and Cuatro are reportedly negotiating licensing deals with Google to allow some of their popular videos on YouTube.  Apparently, they’ve asked YouTube already to remove some unauthorized clips of their shows.  (More here)