The Utube Blog has moved to

February 25, 2008

As the last post mentioned, I’m moving my blog to Typepad (at least for a trial). I’ve renamed it The Utube blog 2.0. I’ll be able to offer high def videos there.

My blog will now be on

Please visit! And I’ll need your patience as I work out the kinks.

dear Readers: I may be ending this WP blog

February 22, 2008

Dear readers,

Thank you all for coming to this blog.  I get thousands of views every week, more than I ever imagined when I first started writing about this amazing website–indeed, phenomenon–called YouTube.

I have been considering a very difficult decision:  I may end this WordPress blog and start a new blog–The Utube Blog 2.0, if you will–on Typepad software.  If I do decide to switch, the old posts will remain parked here, and there will be a different URL for the the new blog, which won’t look like this one. 

Why change blogs?:  WordPress doesn’t allow embedding of all video players.  In fact, WordPress only allows a few:   Google Video, Youtube, DailyMotion, Grouper, Odeo, and SplashCast.  But there are many more video sites with amazing video content–more and more in high def–that I can’t include in this blog.  The quality of several of these other video sites is absolutely breathtaking, so I feel there’s a gaping hole in my coverage.  I hate to leave this site after I’ve churned out so many posts on WordPress, but I feel very behind the times on WordPress.  I want to be able to show you all the latest cutting-edge video capabilities, but I can’t do it on WordPress.

I’ve already tried other ways to keep my blog the same.  I hired a hosting service to transfer my WordPress blog there, which would give me complete freedom to embed whatever I want.  The hosting service, however, made the switch, but it looked terrible.  It wasn’t the same design as my original blog, and the customer service basically told me to figure out what to do myself.  The switch also erased all of the hundreds, if not thousands, of videos embedded in my old posts. I realized immediately the hosting service was terrible, and the switch to a third party hosting company would not solve my problem.

So when will I switch my blog to TypePad?  Probably soon, perhaps first on a 1 month trial basis.  This site will still be up here, but I won’t make any new posts on this blog.  I still haven’t decided to switch, but, if I do, I will include the forwarding address to the new blog.  And, of course, I hope you follow me to the new blog.

Give me your suggestions:  I’m also open to your suggestions.  Please comment if you have any reactions, or you can email me at utubeblog [at]

Thank you.

American Idol recap: 24 to 20

February 22, 2008

Should American Idol be for amateur singers only?

February 22, 2008

Marie Digby album out April 9

February 22, 2008

lonelygirl15 3.0

February 21, 2008

This new actress looks a lot like Bree, played by Jessica Rose, the 1st lonelygirl.

More plagiarism allegations for Obama

February 21, 2008

Slaughterhouse Video spawns largest beef recall

February 20, 2008

Taylor Swift, “I’m Only Me When I’m With You”

February 19, 2008

Guy gets rejected on TV proposing at Rockets game on Valentine’s Day

February 19, 2008


Andy Pettite apologizes for taking HGH

February 19, 2008

Clinton aide accuses Barack Obama of plagiarism

February 19, 2008

Wow, the Clinton camp is pulling out all the stops.  (more)

Bill Clinton stands up to heckler in Ohio

February 19, 2008

Barack Obama on “just words” response to Clinton

February 18, 2008

draft Lessig?

February 18, 2008


More about the draft.  Article from ars technica.

Gerald Green “Birthday cake” dunk

February 17, 2008

Gerald Green, last year’s slam dunk champ, was runner up this year.  He pulled out this amazing dunk on his 1st dunk — blowing out a candle while dunking — but only received 45 of 50 points.  Maybe the judges didn’t see that he actually blew out the candle.

Dwight Howard “Superman” slam dunk, Perfect 10

February 17, 2008

Below is the longer version:

Dwight Howard (who is over 7 foot tall) won the dunk competition yesterday night, pulling out some dunks that I have never seen before (and I’ve watched every competition except the ABA one won by Dr. J). The “Superman” dunk may have been the most original. If you watch, Howard literally throws the ball from high above the rim and into the basket. Not sure if he planned it that way, but it worked.

Hillary Clinton 2nd attack ad on Barack Obama

February 17, 2008

YouTube announces plans to revive its advertising

February 15, 2008

News:  Ian Schafer has a recount of what happened at YouTube’s “Videocracy” event yesterday.  YouTube will be enhancing some tech features to make them basically better for advertisers.  The video editing tools will be finally improved — I’ve been complaining about them from the start!  Steve Chen is now big into moving videos onto TV (with his pet project of mobile phones already deployed).

Analysis: These are all interesting developments.  I hope to say more after I see them in action.

Beagle Uno wins Dog Competition

February 14, 2008

First time a beagle has ever won.  I think it’s unfair all the dogs are lumped into one class.  How is a chihuahua ever going to win this thing?

Hillary Clinton attacks Barack Obama

February 14, 2008

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit mashup video contest

February 13, 2008


Contest news: Sports Illustrated and Gilette have teamd up for a mashup video contest. Sports Illustrated provides a bunch of high def video clips of its swimsuit models, plus a very slick, but simple video editing software based on easy drag/drop Ajax commands. Go here to start mashing. Once you finish your mashup video, which you can synch with basic background music, you can then embed the video in your blog, FaceBook page, or send the link to others. The contest site is here.

Analysis: I’m finishing an article on user-generated content and mashups (that I hope to share soon). I’ve been canvassing some of these mashup contests, and the video tools for the SI contest are quite nice and user-friendly. The shell looks like your basic iMovie or Moviemaker page, but with fewer editing options. The video quality is so high, though, and the models so beautiful, that anyone will be able to put together a cool video.

I think we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with mainstream media attempting to cultivate user-generated content. The lines between media content and user-generated content will get blurred.

Sports Illustrated also has a YouTube channel with its own swimsuit videos for YouTube. (John McCain) parody of “Yes we can” Barack Obama song

February 11, 2008

Here’s the original video below:

Michael Jackson thanks Grammy fans for “Thriller” anniversary

February 11, 2008

Wow, has it been 25 years?

YouTube dominates video online even more

February 11, 2008

News: comScore reports that December 2007 had the greatest number of videos watched by US Internet users (10 billion) –attributable to the writers’ strike and the general lack of interesting TV programs to watch. 32.6% of that total was watched on YouTube. YouTube also had the most unique visitors, 79 million, followed by FOX sites at 43 million.

Smosh still the best thing on YouTube

February 10, 2008

I haven’t covered Smosh — Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla — that much because I think everyone already knows them.  They are the No.1 most subscribed channel on YouTube, and every video they produce gets over at least 1 million views.  They consistently produce funny, off-the-wall videos.  (Yet mysteriously they are not a part of YouTube’s partner program, it appears.)  They are the best channel on YouTube.  The competition is not even close.

So who’s on YouTube: New York Times interview of Ellen Page of “Juno”

February 9, 2008

NYT channel here, “Yes we can” song for Barack Obama

February 8, 2008

Five days, over 2 million views.

YouTube brings back its motto, “Broadcast yourself”

February 7, 2008

News:   It’s back.  After I reported last December that YouTube got rid of its motto “Broadcast yourself” from its home page, YouTube has finally brought it back.


Analysis: Thank heavens.  I’m glad the designers at YouTube came to their senses. Not sure why they even thought to remove it.

Off topic, but, if you have time, check out this restaurant review:

FOX News v. John McCain, Mitt Romney

February 6, 2008

News: This is a little bit late (happened last year), but I’ve been researching the copyright dispute FOX News had with John McCain and Mitt Romney.

What was the problem?  Well, FOX demanded that McCain and Romney each stop using, in their campaign videos, any footage from their Republican debate sponsored by FOX News.  Both candidates invoked fair use, but FOX said it wasn’t fair use.

Analysis:  I have not read if FOX has changed its view.  It should.  FOX’s argument is downright absurd, a misuse of its copyright.