My Life Disoriented: High School — video promo

December 12, 2006

Review: This is a great promo for a new pilot about trying to fit in at a new high school, when you are a minority (here, Asian Pacific American). The show’s directed by Eric Byler, whose done some impressive work already.

I’ve long wondered what ever happened to serious films or TV shows about high school students. When I was growing up, John Hughes made a series of really incredible films about high school that seriously explored the ups and downs of being a teenager. My favorite was the Breakfast Club, which I hope still touches the hearts of teenagers today. It’s a lot more substantial than seeing American Pie 5, the O.C., or reruns of Dawson’s Creek. Perhaps the MySpace phenomenon among teenagers can be explained in part by the lack of good television shows teenagers can relate to.

So please email PBS here (who is thinking picking up this show) to support this effort!

Education: should we teach YouTube in schools?

November 7, 2006

News:  Year 8 students (14 year olds) in Eltham College, a private school in Australia, are taking a class this year on YouTube.  The students “study” videos online, as well as post their own videos on YouTube.  Stuart King, the mastermind behind the idea, thought the course would help “teach students about creativity, the use of language and even publicity and promotion.” (More from the age.) 

Analysis:  Wow, what can I say.  I need more time to study and reflect upon the issue.  I’m all in favor of innovative teaching and courses, but I am not exactly sure about an entire course in YouTube for teenagers.  I’m not ruling it out, but I’d like to know more about the pedagogical goals of the course and how the course is structured.  The news article did mention that teaching students about respecting copyrights was one of the goals, but, based on my quick review of two of the videos prepared by the students, a couple appear to use copyrighted photos.

After reviewing the videos, I tried to find one to post up here.  This is what I settled on.  If you have children, you probably can relate.