Education: should we teach YouTube in schools?

News:  Year 8 students (14 year olds) in Eltham College, a private school in Australia, are taking a class this year on YouTube.  The students “study” videos online, as well as post their own videos on YouTube.  Stuart King, the mastermind behind the idea, thought the course would help “teach students about creativity, the use of language and even publicity and promotion.” (More from the age.) 

Analysis:  Wow, what can I say.  I need more time to study and reflect upon the issue.  I’m all in favor of innovative teaching and courses, but I am not exactly sure about an entire course in YouTube for teenagers.  I’m not ruling it out, but I’d like to know more about the pedagogical goals of the course and how the course is structured.  The news article did mention that teaching students about respecting copyrights was one of the goals, but, based on my quick review of two of the videos prepared by the students, a couple appear to use copyrighted photos.

After reviewing the videos, I tried to find one to post up here.  This is what I settled on.  If you have children, you probably can relate.

4 Responses to Education: should we teach YouTube in schools?

  1. milowent says:

    “a couple appear to use copyrighted photos.” perhaps they are learning civil disobedienance too? or that its better to infringe on copyright holders from outside your country?

  2. Youtube comes to anyone who loves video…Even they teach that in school or not, still students would know there is something for video streaming.

  3. […] Peter har i en tidligere post beskrevet hvordan man selv kan hente en video ind på sin blog. Nu ser jeg, at en 8.klasse på skole i Australien  får undervisning i hvordan man bruger og forstår YouTube video som offentlighed og medie. Her er stof til inspiration og eftertanke. […]

  4. dylan mccabe says:

    i go to eltham college and i am in mr kings class
    you make it sound like we have been doing this youtube assiment all year when infact we only started it at the beggining of term 4 2008 and also you make it sound like we have been just watching youtube all year and for this youtube unit which is acchully called the media unit we have been looking at much more than just youtube we have been looking at advets target aidiences and sublimenal messeging
    so we havent just been watching youtube
    and if you really want to you can call eltham college on 94371421

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