Real Player to allow copying of YouTube videos

News: Real Player is developing a “one-click” download technology, so you can one click and then copy a video you are watching (as long as there’s no DRM/encryption on the video). More from Robert Scobleizer’s blog and below.  Real Networks has a press release; program will be available next month.
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Analysis: Software already exists to allow you to do this, but Real would be making this a seamless process for all PC users. The technology would work with not just YouTube videos, but any videos on the Net that do not have DRM. If you thought copyright issues (in copying video) are complicated now, just wait to see what happens next.

This also may create some tension with YouTube’s own terms of use conditions, “[users] will not copy or distribute any part of the Website in any medium without YouTube’s prior written authorization.”


One Response to Real Player to allow copying of YouTube videos

  1. sherri says:

    I had this program in my pc then I had a virus crash my pc, I just went to upload it again and it doesnt work like it used to. I dont have the download video button anymore ;(
    what can I do?

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