YouTube changes design–again!

January 24, 2008

News: After implementing a new design to its website a few months ago, YouTube has abandoned (apparently) some of those changes. The drop down menu for categories of videos (such as Most Viewed, Most Recent, Most Discussed) has now been replaced with those categories being placed individually on the Videos page. Basically, it’s returned to something closer to what it was before the last change.

New design


Analysis: The changes are disruptive. YouTube should stick to one, and avoid going back and forth. Just when I was used to the drop down menu and actually liked it, poof — it’s gone.

Don’t call home number of Fairfax Chief Operator of Schools Tistadt for snow day — here’s why

January 24, 2008

News: Here’s the latest viral video on YouTube. It involves no video, just a voice mail left by the wife of Dean Tistadt, Chief Operator of Fairfax County schools in Virginia. His wife, Candy, left this message for a student named Dave Kori who had earlier called their home. Suffice it to say that Candy doesn’t like students phoning.

Analysis: This is why I don’t leave voice mails, although I still love snow days.

Is President Bill Clinton completely out of control?

January 24, 2008

It seems beneath the dignity of a former President of the United States to be the attack dog in a political campaign.  I don’t remember President George H.W. Bush playing that role for his son.

YouTube launches in Korea

January 24, 2008

YouTube has launched a Korean-language channel, making it the 19th foreign country YouTube has designed a special site for.

However, according to The Korea Times, YouTube faces stiff competition from Korean video sites, a preference for local sites such as Daum, Pandora TV, and Afreeca among Korean  Internet users, and strict government censorship of Internet sites.

So who’s on YouTube?: Carrie Underwood

January 24, 2008

I love this woman, but sadly I picked Bo Bice at the start of the competition to win Idol in the year she won.  I did think that she had one of the most amazing tryout performances on Idol, but that year I was rooting for a rocker.