EMI threatens to pull out of RIAA

January 12, 2008

News:  Music label EMI reportedly has threatened cutting off its funding to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).  Basically, it sounds like EMI, which is the smallest of the major labels, is dissatisfied with the job RIAA is doing.   One rumor is that RIAA could consolidate the other major trade group, IFPI. (More)

Analysis:  I wonder what this says about the RIAA strategy of suing thousands of college students.

20% increase in viewers to YouTube + video sites after TV writers’ strike

January 12, 2008

News:  Nielson Online reports that YouTube and other video sharing sites have seen a spike of 20% in their viewers since the TV writers’ strike has started.  The article speculates whether the spike can be attributed to the writers’ strike or not, as opposed to a more general growth in broadband Internet use.  (More)