FOX on demand (beta) is fantastic

January 15, 2008

Review: I’ve just looked at FOX’s new “on demand” website. Go here.  I really wonder how this beta FOX site will exist alongside FOX’s joint video project with NBC,   That part is not yet clear. To access FOX’s new beta site, you may have to download a plug-in to start watching. But once you do, it’s well worth it. The menu starts out with this cool spin wheel, like on the Price is Right.


And then once you watch a show, the picture is in high def (at least for The Sarah Connor Chronicles). It’s breathtaking.



I only hope that FOX puts American Idol on the Internet.

Sony Pictures launches The Minisode Network on YouTube

January 15, 2008

News: Sony Pictures has come to YouTube. Minisodes — 5 minute videos — of old shows will be shown on the YouTube channel called The Minisode Network. The shows include Charlie’s Angels, Married with Children, Different Strokes, Bewitched, The Facts of Life, What’s Happening. Sony had already started posting these videos on MySpaceTV.

Analysis: I’ve always loved the idea of minisodes. I’m glad they’re finally hitting YouTube. Other copyright holders should dust off those old TV shows and start making minisodes. This is a great way to utilize old shows that would otherwise be sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Obama girl? Hillary boy?: “I’ve got a crush on Hillary”

January 15, 2008

Davedays has taken the citizen political video to another level.  Take that, Obama girl.