Pres. Obama first State of the Union (full video)

January 28, 2010

C-SPAN version.

White House version.

Pres. Obama criticizes Supreme Court right to their faces, as Justice Alito shakes head and says “not true”

January 28, 2010

Wow–talk about awkward moment.

Megan Wright will (not) be the next American Idol

January 28, 2010

ooooo. Just heard Megan Wright sing an audition on Idol. Reminded me a little of Carrie Underwood’s knockout audition.

I haven’t seen any episode except tonight’s, but I’m making my prediction. Megan Wright will be the next American Idol.

UPDATE: Wow. Megan got knocked out in Hollywood yesterday. Very disappointing. Judges said she was all over the place. They didn’t show her performance, but she was playing the piano and singing. Must have been a bad song choice. But there goes our pick! Oh well.