Esmee Denters hits front page of YouTube

December 28, 2006

So Esmee Denters is starting to hit it big, at least on YouTube. Today, YouTube selected Esmee’s new video of her original song as its top-of-the-page featured video. Unfortunately, the video quality is pretty shoddy, and it appears to stop every few seconds at least on my computer. (The video didn’t run smoothly for me, so I have no opinion on her latest song.) Hopefully, the New Year will bring better technology for Esmee’s music career.

UPDATE: According to one user of YouTube (who posted a video), the huge number of hits and comments on Esmee’s video on the front page of YouTube today shortly after YouTube posted it caused YouTube’s servers to become overloaded (even causing the site to go down for 5 minutes). I haven’t verified this claim, but I did see the message posted by YouTube this afternoon that some functions were temporarily unavailable (which is unusual for a weekday afternoon — most maintenance takes place late at night). And the views on Esmee’s video did go from 50,000 plus when posted to 236,000 plus right now, so there certainly was a lot of traffic to the video. But the even bigger story may be that it appears that a number of YouTube users are making videos of Esmee and her videos. Now that’s buzz, if not a bit overboard.

What Esmee Denters really sounds like

December 27, 2006

Esmee Denters, the YouTube singing sensation from the Netherlands, posts videos of herself singing on her low tech webcam. The sound quality on the webcam leaves a lot to be desired, so you can never really tell just how good Esmee is.

Well, now — finally!!– there are two new videos of Esmee singing parts of her original song, “Figure it out,” on professional equipment. The sound quality is worlds better. Esmee’s never had singing lessons, so just imagine her potential.

Video 1 of Esmee singing on Dutch radio

Video 2 of Esmee singing on Dutch TV

Cingular-YouTube Underground music winners

December 3, 2006

News: YouTube announced the winners of the “Underground” contest sponsored by Cingular.  Visit here to see the winners of Best Video, Most Creative, and Best Live Video.  Below is the winner of the Best Song, “The Way It Is” by Greenland.

“The Way It Is,” by Greenland – Best Song

The “The Way It Is” is a fun, happy-go-lucky song, but I still prefer my early selection of “Inside Out” by New Orleans band The Hush.

Inside Out, by The Hush – my favorite

Esmee Denters’ original song, “Figure it out”

December 2, 2006

Dutch teen (online) singing sensation Esmee Denters has just posted part of an original song on YouTube here. I’ve included the video below as well.  It’s no exaggeration to say that Esmee (“Ez-may”) has generated tremendous buzz on the Internet.  I’m just waiting to hear that some record label has signed her up — which a lot of commenters seem to want.

Esmee Denters explains herself

November 24, 2006

I’ve already blogged once about Esmee Denters, the 18-year-old singer from the Netherlands with an amazing, soulful voice. Here’s an endearing video of Esmee explaining a little bit about herself. She seems very sweet — she wants to go into social work to help people and, though feeling awkward about talking about herself on video, made this video to respond to her fan emails. One thing I want to know: Do people really say “ya’ll” in the Netherlands?

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Is Esmee Denters the next YouTube idol?

November 20, 2006

Imagine this: an 18-year-old girl in the Netherlands sitting in front of her karaoke machine and singing fearlessly into her low quality webcam. Within just two months, she’s posted 37 videos so far that have drawn over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Each video draws tens of thousands of views within the week it’s posted.

Her name is Esmee Denters (“Ez-May”), and she may well be the most talented, undiscovered singer on YouTube today. Her webcam is pretty shoddy, both in the visual and audio, but her voice is soulful and sweet. You can judge for yourself, Esmee’s latest video clip.

(All videos of Esmee Denters are here.)

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YouTube Underground report: it’s hard to find talent

November 5, 2006

News:  YouTube and Cingular are sponsoring a contest to find unknown musical talent.  It’s called “YouTube Underground.”  You can vote through November 17.

Analysis: This is a great idea, but I’ve been underwhelmed by what’s transpired so far.  First, I’ve found it very difficult even to find the music videos for the contest on YouTube.  You can find them here.  But once you get there, the 2,264 videos appear to be in no particular order and apparently are not searchable at all except by number.  Basically, you have to scroll through and find a title or thumb nail photo that catches your eye.

Well, I did this for the better part of 40 minutes.  But I had little luck in finding any music worth discussing here.  I don’t want to sound like Simon Cowell, but let’s just say there’s a lot of bad music out there.  (My condolences to the judges who have to sit through all 2,264 videos!) 

I did find one video worth mentioning:  Inside Out by the New Orleans band called The Hush.