Who is suing YouTube for copyright infringement

August 8, 2007

News:  It seems like everyone–except the recording industry–is suing YouTube.  Here’s an update on all the cases.

(1) DROPPED:  Robert Tur’s suit in California for the Reginald Denny beating video (with a request by Viacom + NBC Universal to file an amici brief).  Tur just dropped his suit to join the class action suit with Premier League in (3) below. 

( 2) Viacom’s suit in the Southern District of New York (for Daily Show, Colbert Report, Sponge Bob, South Park, MTV clips, etc.)  Just had a scheduling conference; apparently will have another.  Philip Beck is YouTube’s lead counsel. Don Verrilli is Viacom’s lead counsel.  Judge Louis Stanton is presiding.  Viacom International, Inc. v. YouTube Inc., 07-CV-02103.  (Case docket from Justia)  

(3) English Football Ass’n Premier League (soccer division) and Bourne Co. (U.S. music publisher) suit, with a request to certify a class action, in the Southern District of New York.  So far, the Rugby Football League, the Finnish Football League, the National Music Publishers’ Association, and Knockout Entertainment Limited, Seminole Warriors Boxing, Robert Tur (from the 1st lawsuit), the Federation Francaise de Tennis, and Ligue de Football Professionnel. have also joined in the action.  Also joining the class is New York-based Cherry Lane Music Publishing, which “owns more than 65,000 copyrights, including the publishing rights to music from Elvis, Quincy Jones, and the Black Eyed Peas.”  Max Berger is lead counsel for Premier League; Philip Beck is lead counsel for YouTube.  Judge, TBD. The Football Association Premier League Limited v. YouTube, Inc., 07 CV-3582.  (Case docket from Justia

(4)  David Grisman, a mandolin player who performed with the Grateful Dead, along with his partner Craig Miller and company Dawg Music.  They are also seeking to certify a class action of musicians against YouTube in the Northern District of California.  Joseph Tabacco is lead counsel for Grisman.  David Kramer is lead counsel for YouTube. Judge Susan Illston is presiding. Grisman v. YouTube, Inc., 2007cv02518.  (Case docket from Justia)

(5) The New Jersey Turnpike for use of certain surveillance footage.  Suit in New Jersey.  Judge Katharine S. Hayden is presiding.   New Jersey Turnpike Authority v. YouTube, Inc., 2:2007cv02414.  (Case docket from Justia) 

 (6)  Country music publisher Cal IV, which owns rights to the songs by Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and others. Also seeking a class action, this one in Nashville.  Daniel Girard is lead counsel for Cal IV.  James Doran and Robb Harvey, two Nashville attorneys, represent YouTube.  Judge Robert Echols is presiding.  Cal IV Entertainment v. YouTube, CV-00617 (Case docket from Justia)

NBC Universal + Viacom request to file amici brief in Robert Tur lawsuit against YouTube

May 7, 2007

News: So the first copyright lawsuit filed against YouTube is the one brought by Robert Tur for unauthorized uses of his copyrighted video of the Reginald Denny beating. Mashable reports that both Viacom (which also has a suit against YouTube) and NBC Universal have filed a request in the district court in LA to file an amici brief in support of Tur’s position.

Analysis: Viacom’s request is not surprising, since it doesn’t want a bad precedent that would hurt its case in New York. NBC Universal’s involvement is a little surprising, though, since NBC is testing out some of YouTube’s digital fingerprinting technology.