LisaNova does Sarah Palin in Charlie Gibson interview

September 15, 2008

LisaNova offers free shots of her breasts for YouTubers + user-generated content

May 16, 2008

LisaNova is a hilarious comedian discovered on YouTube (also now on MadTv). This week she posted this LOL video spoofing how YouTube has become saturated with videos with teasers or still shots of women’s cleavage. Often the most popular videos each day have still shots of women’s breasts. (See here and here) It’s hard for other YouTubers to get their videos watched if the women’s cleavage shots get the most viewed.

So here comes LisaNova to the rescue, offering her services — and even clips of her breasts — for other YouTubers to use in their own videos. The video is a riot, but it’s even crazier that LisaNova is serious about offering free clips of her breasts for others to download and incorporate into their own user-generated videos. Her cleavage clips can be downloaded from her site.

LisaNova talks about spam and porn controversy on YouTube

August 8, 2007

News: LisaNova is perhaps the biggest breakthrough to Hollywood from YouTube, having landed a starring role on MADtv on Fox.  (Lonelygirl Jessica Rose is probably the only other who can compete.) In the past few weeks, LisaNova’s been embroiled in a controversy on YouTube involving generic comments she (and apparently her helpers) posted to other people’s videos. Some people didn’t like it and called it “spam” from LisaNova. Things came to a head this week when Natalie of the Community Channel criticized LisaNova in this video:

Natalie’s video prompted a parody response from LisaNova (who’s most famous on YouTube for her impersonations “doing” people):

Natalie replied with another video. And then LisaNova came out from behind her skits to talk straight into the camera, giving her version of the facts:

Analysis: To be honest, I’m not even sure what all the fuss is about.