Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman — weird

February 13, 2009

Pilot Sullenberger “Sully” @ Letterman

February 11, 2009

Blagojevich @ David Letterman

February 5, 2009

Barack Obama on Letterman, Top 10

January 25, 2008

Letterman interviews Paris Hilton, 2 million plus views on YouTube

October 2, 2007

News:  On Friday, David Letterman interviewed Paris Hilton.  Unfortunately, the interview went south when Letterman kept on asking Paris about her stint in prison.

Analysis:  I felt sorry for Paris, but she needs to learn how to laugh off or make fun of her time in jail.  She should have known that Letterman would ask questions about that.  Martha Stewart did a much better job in handling those kind of questions when she went on Letterman.

By the way, to appreciate just how large 2 million plus viewers is:  that’s more than half the average number of viewers Letterman gets.  If YouTube views were counted in the Nielsen ratings, Letterman would’ve easily beaten Jay Leno for that episode.  If CBS is smart, it would post Letterman clips on YouTube everyday. 

David Letterman shopping for toys

December 23, 2006


CBS delighted with YouTube results

November 24, 2006

News:  After only a month of posting clips of its own shows on YouTube (such as David Letterman), CBS is quite happy about the results.  CBS clips have been viewed over 29 million times in the last month, including 3 of the Top 25 most watched clips on YouTube.  David Letterman has seen a slight spike in his TV ratings.

Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive, said: “YouTube users are clearly being entertained by CBS programming they’re watching as evidenced by the sheer number of video views. Above all the other good news, what’s most exciting here is the extent to which CBS is learning about its audiences as never before.”  (More from BBC and Brand Republic)