Update on the EU’s YouTube video of sex scenes

July 5, 2007

News: So all it took was about a day and a half for the EU’s controversial video mashup of different sex scenes from European films to go viral. Apparently, sex plays well. If my memory serves me correct, the video went from a little over 20,000 views on Tuesday to over 2.4 million views! That’s the fastest growing video on YouTube in a 24 hour time span, from what I know.

I still find it hard to believe that the European Commission is responsible for this titillating mashup. As I said before, the video itself is probably PG-13 by U.S. standards. You can judge for yourself here on YouTube.


Off topic, but check out this restaurant review:

So who’s on YouTube?: The European Union (EU)

July 2, 2007

News: It’s called EUTube. The EU Commission is one of the governing bodies of the European Union, which basically oversees much of the economic and political terms for 27 countries. The basic idea is to create one common market among the EU countries, ruled by the same laws and principles.