About The Utube Blog

The Utube Blog provides up-to-date news and analysis of the video-sharing industry, including YouTube.com, MSN video, MySpaceTV, Yahoo! video, and other sites. This unofficial blog is NOT affiliated, sponsored, or connected in any way with YouTube.com or any other company discussed herein. Although The Utube Blog provides commentary on legal issues, no content on the blog constitutes legal advice.

13 Responses to About The Utube Blog

  1. foolswisdom says:

    Excellent contribution! Distilled, sensibly analyzed information is always appreciated!

  2. yongsheng says:

    a gd blog with quite interesting content. 🙂 But why would you want a blog about youtube for?

  3. Great assortment of videos and commentary here, glad to have found this on the WordPress Top Blogs list.

  4. jillmfoster says:

    Thanks for adopting this topic (and related issues) as your blog; with the presidential campaign season approaching, online video and emerging legal issues will be all the more relevant. –Looking forward to your observations.

  5. Cherish says:


    Come on, where’s the connecting link? I had to track you down through one of your students!

    Love the new focus…it’s on my daily list now (also recently added:Fark…I love creative people who stay informed!)

  6. I’m really enjoying your blog! There’s a new service called vodpod.com where you can collect your videos from YT in one place, and then add a wordpress widget to show those videos in a “combined player”. Might be useful here.

  7. Matchoo says:

    Just put up this data site… in case you are interested in YouTube stats…


  8. Randy Mason says:

    Oprah Having a Channel on Youtube?

    Being in the “Older Generation” I grew up with out the internet, computers and anything digital. To my way of thinking – (Sorry Oprah), Oprah belongs in a past media era. That was the era of sitting back and watching, listening or reading a very edited, scripted and highly “produced “mass media product. Looking back, that experience was like Fast Food for the mind – it filled you up, but left you intellectually empty and wanting shortly therafter.

    Platforms like Youtube & others provide an opp. for everyone to say what they want to say, and how they want to say it. It’s active rather than passive and so, so much more Democratic. Who wants to be told how to Think, Act & Feel, by Production Executives?

    Should Oprah Winfrey be on you tube? Sure she should!, But she can plug in her digital camera, add comments and upload her Videos just like the rest of us.

    Randy Mason
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  9. On YouTube, “Avril Levigne – Girlfriend” is pulling ahead of “Evolution of Dance” in the race to have the first video pass 100,000,000 views.

    http://www.OneHundredMillionViews.com is tracking and predicting the race.

  10. […] regulation of speech technologies: It’s a bit over our head too. But over at the Utube blog, Edward Lee, an IP prof at Ohio State U.’s Moritz College of Law, argues that, for technology companies […]

  11. Chris says:

    Hi, nice blog. Thought you would be interested in my blog post for people with videos on youtube that could get them in trouble! http://www.digitpedia.com/how-not-to-get-fired-because-of-youtube/ PS I would have contacted you privately but you have no “contact” page. Kind regards, Chris.

  12. Ron Mertens says:


    I think you might find our new service interesting –


    Video-Alerts is a simple service that allows you to get email notifications when new videos are available, using keywords (or by uploading user). The service is free and currently supports YouTube only.



  13. I have a video on youtube about the “utube.com” company sueing “youtube.com” and it has close to 900,000 views now.

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