Major victory for YouTube: Judge Stanton rules YouTube falls within DMCA safe harbor; throws out Viacom lawsuit (download opinion)

Today, Judge Stanton handed YouTube a major legal victory in the $1 billion copyright lawsuit brought by Viacom against YouTube. Judge Stanton ruled that YouTube fell within the DMCA safe harbor as an Internet service provider that followed the notice-and-takedown procedure of the DMCA.

The case is a huge victory for YouTube and other video sharing sites, and huge loss for Viacom and other copyright holders that sued YouTube. Google’s General Counsel Kent Walker wrote on YT’s blog, “This is an important victory not just for us, but also for the billions of people around the world who use the web to communicate and share experiences with each other. We’re excited about this decision and look forward to renewing our focus on supporting the incredible variety of ideas and expression that billions of people post and watch on YouTube every day around the world.”

Viacom vows to appeal the decision.

Download the Viacom v. YouTube opinion by clicking here


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