Move over Justin Bieber + Lady Gaga: Is Starina Catchatoorian the next YouTube idol?

Everyone knows Justin Bieber is the biggest musical discovery to come from YouTube so far. His “Baby” video is the 3rd most viewed video of all time, with over an astounding 170 million views. Lady Gaga is No. 1 all time on YouTube, with her “Bad Romance” video, which has over 216 million views. While Bieber became famous on YouTube before being signed by Usher, it’s very surprising that YouTube hasn’t produced other major music stars in the 5 years of YouTube’s existence. Or, more accurately, it’s surprising the music industry hasn’t signed more talented singers from YouTube. Sure, Marie Digby, Esmee Denters, and Terra Naomi all were signed by the labels. But they were the exception, not the rule.

The music industry should do more. Justin Bieber won’t be the only singer to be discovered on YouTube. I just heard this amazing singer in Chicago named Starina Catchatoorian. She’s got this cool, edgy video for her catchy song, “Underdog.” NPR did a short write-up on her. If I had a music label, I would sign this new talent, stat.

Click here for Starina’s MySpace music page


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