Was “What Not to Wear” with Stacey + Clinton cancelled

TLC Friday night show “What Not to Wear” with Stacey and Clinton no longer is airing–yet TLC hasn’t announced or explained what happened. That has infuriated loyal viewers, who are airing their grievances on the Facebook page. Many comments suggest that loyal viewers have given up on the show!

If anyone knows any of the juicy gossip on what happened to the show, please post a comment!

UPDATE: Although there’s no explanation from TLC, it appears that the show will come back some time in 2010. Repeats of old shows are on everyday at noon. This is the worst PR job by TLC. If you want to know how to alienate loyal viewers, just leave them in the dark and tell them nothing about why the show is not airing in 2009. If you still are a loyal fan of the show after TLC has left you in the dark, bless your soul!

In the meantime while “What Not to Wear” is deep sixed, you might check out this restaurant:

Or check out this cool interview of Toobla.com:

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