Terra Naomi tribute to Michael Jackson: “You Are Not Alone”


4 Responses to Terra Naomi tribute to Michael Jackson: “You Are Not Alone”

  1. Sassy says:

    Beautiful tribute to Michael…he would have loved it.
    My own tribute in words rather than song is below

    Michaels Story

    His childhood was forsaken
    Fame and fortune was a must
    No school or normal pastimes
    Into the limelight he was thrust
    From those who claimed to love him
    To those who loved to hate
    They couldn’t see the lost child
    Who’s talent would be his fate

    He gave us so much pleasure
    A star, a real icon
    He rearranged the music
    A new era had it’s dawn
    He changed the path of lyric
    Made the world his dancing stage
    But in his niaevete
    His critics he did enrage

    Lost and lonely in his own world
    Normality just a wish
    He created a place of love
    Where pain would be banished
    But every act of love and grace
    This man-child did bestow
    Was tainted by the people
    Who would mar his very soul

    His life was bared before us
    Every move on view to see
    The jibes and comments hurt him
    Left him broken, no self esteem
    They hounded and they cut him
    Left him bleeding in the road
    Misunderstood and innocent
    They added to the load

    He faced them with so much courage
    A warrior of grit and steel
    He played to them and gave them
    What they didn’t want to hear
    An extravaganza
    A new sight to behold
    The comeback he so yearned for
    So brave and very bold

    But God he had a new plan
    A place of gentle rest
    For this soul He loved so dearly
    And wanted just to bless
    So as in life, he left us
    Softly, didn’t make a sound
    Just gently moonwalked from the room
    To where angels are around

    Then the great big heart stopped beating
    Rhythmic feet will dance no more
    A unique voice stilled forever
    His soul now free to soar
    Happiness was elusive
    Contentment just a dream
    But now the man-child is dancing
    In heavens playing fields.

    RIP Michael Loved Always, Forgotten Never. Janet South Wales UK

  2. Lady Remarque says:

    Good tribute, Im crying listening it, Michael is in my heart forever…

  3. chris savart says:

    Dear Terra, with you re version of this song, you have brought back hope in every’s mj fans life. When sony is about to bank on mj’s music legacy in such hypocrite and discusting way, they re is someone like you who will spread the true message behind his songs. It s not for the money it is all for l o v e .

    god bless you.

  4. Teresa Matheny says:

    Terra’s is one of the most beautiful versions I’ve ever heard of “You Are Not Alone”…I happened to find it several days after Michael left this earth…saved it and have at least listened to it every week since. It reminds of several things in my own personal life and over this past year has brought me so much comfort and peace…Thank You so much for sharing your beautiful voice and musical talents with us in this way. You will never ever know how much this has come to mean to me.
    Blessings and Love Always…Teresa

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