CBS reports Michael Jackson dies at 50 after cardiac arrest

Click here for CBS video coverage

“I Want You Back”

25th anniversary of Thriller video:

One Response to CBS reports Michael Jackson dies at 50 after cardiac arrest

  1. Allissa Cowan says:

    NO. WHY? I love you, Michael Joseph Jackson. I will always love you and keep your memory and legacy alive in my heart, and home for as long as I live. Your music has been a great inspiration to myself and so many people. I dont know that you would or could ever know how much you were loved. I send my condolences to the Jackson family, friends and many, many, many worldwide fans. Michael, I never believed you would ever do anything wrong in your life. As I didnt know you personally, you seemed like an angel sent from heaven. Sometimes angels come and test us mankind. Some people were so cruel to you because of the way you looks changed in your last years, because of the accusations against you. People never took time to look back and try to understand your life to understand why you are who you are and realize you too are only human and deserve the right of privacy and to do you. It was a dream of mine to see you live in person. (Really to be your wife, but seeing you in person would have done it. LOL) I would have paid anything to realize that dream. I never stopped loving you and I never will.

    Love your #1 Fan,

    Allissa Cowan

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