Pres. Obama in Cairo speech


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  1. anitawamuyu says:

    I am so grateful that we have Obama as president, and feel his speech can reach all communities across the world. So much work and repair needs to be done in our neighbourhoods and in building trust between different nationalities, hosting panels and addressing issues like equality be it a race or more opportunites and delegation to women in the work force, which I feel Gordon Brown should have done to his female colleagues. Too many derelict buildings and still a lack of access be it cost or travel to activities and top up or further education programs for young people to catch up pass exams to get into higher education, driving many people to gangs, suicide, exclusion, mental illness, prison sentences,drug addiction and alcohol addiction this applies to all races and its shocking. How about mentoring programs for young children until they are 18 and more awareness programs in the schools and nurseries, mentoring parent survival programs drop in clinics to promote counselling and better health, and awareness on what we eat and how we exercise and learning/ confidence programs about each others culture, success rates techniques so we learn from each other how to do better, so we break down the hate and prejudice if not mental spiritual and physical poverty amongst people. Surely this will build a better understanding and encourage the roles and what is available as jobs and opportunities not only for young people adults and encouraging them in further education if not professional training counselling and work experience so they are not left out of left behind.
    The work and training can only be available if not funded by those willing to make a change. Guest speakers can come and help us from other nations as in turn we travel and empower other nations with our success to make amends and changes necessary to move us forward acknowledge the achievements ( document the lives of elders and have them play a role if not mentor)and overcome the pains and problems we all feel and meet in our day to day movements.
    Thank you and God bless you all.

    Outreach/workshop leader/ therapist/ artist

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