Has YouTube sold out to become like Hulu?

News: This has been coming for some time, but its arrival is no less jarring. YouTube has announced today that its launching a new destination to air TV shows, and beefing up its site for movies.

The move is one of many that YT has made in recent months to generate more advertising revenue on content that corporations are more likely to feel comfortable in using, compared to the edgier user-generated content. In a different deal, YouTube has partnered with Universal Music to create a music video site called Vevo. (more)

Analysis: YouTube is copying the business strategy of the popular Hulu, a joint venture of NBC Universal and FOX. Hulu has TV shows and movies, but no user-generated content. I think Hulu is fantastic, and thought so when it first came out. But now it appears to becoming the “YouTube killer” that it was first touted to be.

It will be very interesting to see if YouTube focuses even less on user-generated content in the future. And whether YouTubers revolt. It may be that the fascination with amateur videos has died down (along with the number of brilliant UGC videos or new talent). If so, YouTube does not to be sustaining its business somehow, in order to subsidize all the millions of amateur videos stored on YT servers.


3 Responses to Has YouTube sold out to become like Hulu?

  1. […] serious ad revenue, YouTube has taken steps to promote more professional content and basically to become more like hulu, the joint project between Fox and NBC Universal that was first touted as the “YouTube […]

  2. dick says:

    utube sucks, this will be my last time viewing anything on it goto hell

  3. peggy says:

    WHAT EVER??????? WHO CARES???? Quite frankly, we have become so “automated” & “internet wierd” that we must have all forgotten how to “sing”(or dance for that matter)…” Sing more…. sing often, in your car, in the shower, to your lover (or not)…just sing or dance, or get mad out loud…whether you like it, or don’t” Every “one” has to sing loud, and often, because our country (America) is going to “HELL” in a hand be out basket

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