Roger Federer crying uncontrollably after losing Australian Open final to rival Rafael Nadal

29 Responses to Roger Federer crying uncontrollably after losing Australian Open final to rival Rafael Nadal

  1. DMJ says:

    I really feel bad for Roger, because he’s worked so hard to reach this point and he’s soooo close to beating Sampras’s record of 14 titles. However, his display of emotion visibly made it awkward for Nadal to express his joy in becoming the first Spaniard to win the Australian Open.
    And I did not like how the speaker said “two champions” in the end because there’s only one champion in the match and Nadal deserved that title.
    Anyways, I wish Federer all the very best for his upcoming matches and WELL DONE NADAL!

  2. SLIM K says:

    Rafael Nadal has not received the acknowledgment he deserves as the No. 1 tennis player. Commentators constantly make excuses for Federer (Remember mononucleosis at Wimbledon). No one wants to give Nadal his props. Federer’s selfish and immature display of emotion yesterday robbed Nadal of the praise and adulation he rightfully had coming to him. Get over yourself, Roger, and start acting like a good sport… not a child who’s no longer the golden boy!

  3. Kirthana says:

    Im a big fan of Fed n couldn’t watch him cry, but i think he’s psychologically shaken up by Nadal. Nadal showed good shortsmanship by consoling Fed after receivin his trophy. Good Luck Fed, dont let these things get to u.

  4. Eli says:

    I think that Roger showed his human side and it was sad to see him like that. He is a great player, but Rafa deserved to win, he played a very long match in the semifinal and then a great match at the final, so he is fair and square the champion and he deserves it. There’s a winner and a loser in a match, and Nadal really was the champion. I think they are both amazing player but we need to give credit to Nadal.

  5. melbro says:

    That’s crazy how the australians love roger so much. But I think the main thing to take from the match was that these two players produce some of the most entertaining tennis I think we’ll ever see. I think these two players far and above everyone else on the tour, its mind boggling.

    We’ll see you next year….

  6. ZoltanOd says:

    I am a tennis buff, always been. I need to defend this speaker on two counts:
    – he is only human (he was being as emotional as Roger was: the emotional part of us always loves the underdog hero that Roger has lately become)
    – Roger has made very much of a champion of himself over the last few years — you can’t take that away from him.

    Yes, there are two champions in the ATP Tour. One who has consistently delivered the goods, and another who can put slightly fresher goods on the (grand)stand.
    However, there’s only one of the two who is ready to bargain…

  7. matt says:

    Without a doubt Nadal deserved to win that match he played superb especially in that third set, and i also sternly believe he has not got the recognition he deserves, but for anyone to tell Roger to suck it up and act professional has no idea what it means to trully love a sport and has never ever looked defeat in the face. Up untill that match roger had been playing with grid iron confidence but Rafa has some psycological advantage over him after wimbledon. He beat roger on his home court where he doesn’t lose, Roger didnt expect to lose that match, and when he did, it got in his head. What im getting at is that roger has some issues to sort out in his head about the game and that anyone who says it was unprofessional to cry has no idea what it is to play a game that much and give your heart and soul to it. I feel for Roger and only hope we can continue to expect great things from him.

  8. mienhboy503 says:

    The way these players play is godly not like the rest of the tour. PURE GOD TENNIS

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  10. Lynn says:

    I think that Roger crying took away from Nadal’s victory. He should have sucked it up and not stolen what was a glorious moment in the tennis career of Nadal. Shame on him, I say and next time think of others before yourself.

  11. Diego says:

    Federer is such a PUSSY

  12. Apres Ski says:

    Uncontrollable crying means he doesn’t have a handle on his emotions or his games. How many times has Nadal whipped his but good?

    The ‘taller’ guy is supposed to win because of height. But this guy Nadal just keeps putting Federer further in the hole. He’s embarrassed by what has happened to him.

    He’ll never get over this . . . never! I’ll bet his shrink is charging him big time!!!!!!!!!

  13. Khungfu_Man says:

    The way federer acted was unsportsmanlike
    he lost, get over it. Its time he moves on, you cant be number 1 forever and thats reality.
    nadal is the better player at the moment, until someone else will continously beat him also. Thats just how tennis is and federer is a sook and a cry baby.

  14. Saint says:

    I think Federer goofed up big time. He has been defeated by Nadal on various surfaces and various slams that he can’t believe that it is happening to him. I think the law of averages is catching up on federer. How can you keep winning and then getting it in your head? When bookies favored Murray, Federer passed an called for comment. He has been dashed back to Earth from him self created aura. Steffi Graf made 22 grand slams, 2 short of Margeret Court. She could have done it but she was never boastful. Same with Sampras. Even Nadal is always modest. But Federer’s quotes reeks of arrogance and now he is paying for it. Way to go Rafa.

  15. nat says:

    watch out i noticed when roger cries after losing a match, he bounces back and dominate the game. This crying in australia will make him push himself to get the 14th title , the french open . Then he will take wimbledon again. Then he will chill out and let andy murray win. Believe!

  16. Third Musketeer says:

    There is no denying the talent and beauty of Federer’s game. Sometimes he is annoyingly good in the sense that there is some exciting rally going on and he will just come with an unbelievable winner. To a bit lesser extent, Nadal has that quality too. But when Federer is playing Nadal, Federer is unable to execute his top game because that suits Nadal so well and this is very frustrating for Federer, if it was anyone else then they would try to change their game and work on it but Federer doesn’t want to do that (maybe out of arrogance).

    Now many people claim that Federer is a very humble sportsman, but I don’t buy that argument, and agree with Saint who has commented above. Federer has never been outrightly arrogant but his actions and his demeanor reflect upon his ego. From his cardigan, to his stars on his shoes, to his special bag, to his cap with RF designed on it, and the list goes on…, I don’t remember Stefi, or Sampras or Agassi (these are the 3 I have watched) do such kind of self promotion. Even Nadal, neither his actions or words seem to reflect this level of ego.

    Now coming back to Federer’s crying, if you go into the match with the frame of mind that you are going to equal 14 Slam record tonight, and there is no way that loss is on the cards and Nadal got lucky in Wimbledon, and no changes are need in the game, then when the defeat does come, it is inevitable to cry, because in the mind it has already been accepted that Roger Federer is the greatest of all time.

    On a second note, with consecutive defeats at Nadal’s hand, he himself might start doubting that he might not be the Greatest of all time and if he can put aside his ego then he might become the greatest of all time but he definitely has developed ego problems, until the recent past, he was blowing away his opponents in the slam finals but it is not going to be easy from here onwards.

  17. Ken says:

    “But Federer’s quotes reeks of arrogance and now he is paying for it. Way to go Rafa.” Well stated, Saint. But I do feel for the guy. I guess I just like him a lot more now as a human #2, than a robotic and arrogant #1. And Rafa is clearly just the man… 6 slams at 22!

  18. Roberto F says:

    Roger’s time is over. He’s been defeated by other players too lately, over and over again. He’ll never become #1 again. Chiao Fedex.

  19. teja says:

    see federer win french open 2009 over nadal

  20. Juanita de la Cruz says:

    i was disgusted by roger’s crying…sure he was emotional but he needs to learn to hold it together. he showed himself to be a sore loser, something many australians will not appreciate.
    congratulations to rafa on his outstanding performance and on the way he handed the situation.
    roger you should be ashamed! GROW UP!

  21. Jas says:

    The trouble with Roger is that he can’t accpet that anyone should have the audacity to beat him, expecially in a slam, and a slam final at that. So when he loses, he can’t accept it and that’s why you get the excuses. Since he attained the top spot in tennis, you could, if you listened closely, detect the occassional swipe at other players and the underlying arrogance. Calling Rafa’s game one-dimentional, he had mono when he lost to Nole (even true he should not have used it as an excuse), the light at wimbledon was dimming so he lost and than the schedule in Beijing was too tough. C’mon Roger, othes were there too facing the same schedule. When are you going to grow up?

    While I feel bad for him crying, that was no way to handle defeat. Even his friend Sampras said he was shocked to see Federer lose the plot. It was Rafa’s moment. The first Spaniad to win the Oz Open and what happens? He has to apologize to Federer as the party spoiler and contain his victory celebrations. Shame on you Roger. I agree with the others, Rafa has not been duely credited and recognized as the no. 1 player, despite his dominance over Roger and taking Olympic gold. But I’m confident that time will force a change in this and the media and Roger’s blind worshipers will have to admit that Rafa has the the measure of Roger.

  22. joe flarity says:

    teja Says:

    February 6, 2009 at 3:32 pm | Reply
    see federer win french open 2009 over nadal

    Hey teja: You should think about becoming a stock broker.

    Anyway, it appears the Aussies slanted the schedule to get Roger the maximum advantage. Then the French cheered Soderling like he was a national hero. How long does this humble and pure tennis player have to live under the giant shadow of “the greatest ever”?

    I hope to see the day when this is fixed.

  23. pijush says:

    hey joe. If you support one player you can’t see others appraise against him.. since you are a nadal supporter you felt bad when french supported soderling. You better look on yourself and stop commenting on others.

  24. delois says:

    i am not a fan of RF, mainly because he never have anything but critism for other players, last year he insulted JELENA, and this year DINARA, and a couple years ago said something about Rafa, i watched Roger win with ease for a few years, and now he is to judgmental,

  25. David says:

    Federer is the biggest wuss in sports. What a pansy ass he is. He cries like a little baby when he loses and when he wins. Someone needs to slap him around like Don Corleone did to Johnny Fontaine in the Godfather. “You can act like a man!”

  26. dean says:

    sure rf was was roddick but he didnt afraid hes immature and abit of a princess.his bitchy attitude to murray is also a a weak era hes had it all his own way for so long….that is why he cried….a spoiled needs this guy to retire since tennis is not all about roger federer.

  27. Noelle says:

    I love federer, oh my gosh seeing him cry makes me want to cry, even nadal was crying! You know it’s sad if your tears can make the winner cry. and so what if he cried, that doesn’t make him a baby. What if there was something that you wanted and worked so hard to get and then didn’t get it, you’d cry too, he’s only human, gosh give him a break so what everyone cries now and then! and mirka’s probably thinking “oh man now I’m gonna have to put up with this sh*t all night”

  28. winz says:

    i dont care what all you nadal supporters say, roger is the best and will always be the best. crying is not a sin, he’s human and it broke my heart seeing him like that, but we all know that it aint over until the fat lady sings. we all know that roger is top game, he’s the IT, aint nothing you can do about it. God gave him the talent and he’s using it, so get over it.

  29. Scott says:

    Wow, some of these comments look pretty stupid about now.

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