The Obama train heads to DC

January 18, 2009

RIAA afraid of webcast of court proceedings in its copyright case; seeks writ of mandamus to stop public webcast of public court proceedings

January 18, 2009

News: The RIAA appears to be running scared from the recent district court granting Harvard Professor Charlie Nesson’s request to webcast Thursday’s court proceedings in the RIAA’s music file sharing case against BU student Joel Tennenbaum. The RIAA has now sought a writ of mandamus from the First Circuit to stop the webcast. The RIAA must realize it looks bad to be suing students, but here’s the spin it is using:

“Petitioners [the labels] are concerned that, unlike a trial transicipt, the broadcast of a court proceeding through the Internet will take on a life of its own in that forum. The broadcast will be readily subject to editing and manipulation by any reasonably tech-savvy individual. Even without improper modification, statements may be taken out of context, spliced together with other statements and []rebroadcast as if it were an accurate transcript. Such an outcome can only do damage to Petitioners’ case.”

Is YouTube the next big search engine?

January 18, 2009

News: YouTube is now No.2 in search, surpassing even Yahoo! Google, of course, is 1st. NYT has a fascinating article about the growing use of YouTube as a reference tool, especially among kids. Alex Iskold blogged about this topic under the arresting title, “Is YouTube the next Google?”