YouTube giving “mute” option for videos with unauthorized music

News: YouTube is providing another way to deal with unauthorized music synched into user videos on YT: mute. After a copyright complaint by the music copyright holder, a user can elect to keep the video up on YouTube without sound. Here’s what YT says:

“Previously, when a music label or other rights owner issued a copyright claim to block audio, the video was automatically taken down. Uploaders had two choices: dispute the claim or use our AudioSwap tool to replace the track with one from our library of pre-cleared music. Now we’ve added an additional choice. Instead of automatically removing the video from YouTube, users can choose to leave the video muted and live on the site, and many of them are taking that option.”

Analysis: Interesting development. Still doesn’t solve the relative difficulty of finding good music to synch into user videos. It’s true YT provides some music selections for free on Audioswap, and other services like Jamendo and Magnatunes are helping to offer many more songs. But why doesn’t the music industry offer something like an iTunes for synching music in a way that is easy as buying a ringtone. I’ve been clamoring for several years for this service. It could make the music industry millions.


2 Responses to YouTube giving “mute” option for videos with unauthorized music

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  2. dvgrgsfsg says:

    If you bump into a muted video on youtube, post this comment:

    ‘We love music! We can’t stand by silently while the music industry continues its decades-long effort to lock up our culture! If you think that it sucks that audio had to be disabled here BOYCOTT MUSIC INDUSTRY!

    – Only buy audio-cds second-hand from now on (Use amazon’s second-hand section or ebay from apparently private persons)

    – Don’t download from online music stores anymore

    – Support self-marketing bands

    – Spread this message here on every muted video you encounter’

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