YouTube selectively rolls out HD (high def)

News: YouTube has lagged behind other video sites in terms of the quality of their videos. For 3 years, YT has preferred to have grainy video quality, which can download more quickly and thus be viewed very quickly. As others have reported, YT has now started selectively allowing some videos on HD. For example, you can select “Watch in HD” for President Obama’s video here.

: YouTube clearly is embarking on a different strategy aimed at professional and premium content from Hollywood and elsewhere. The change in video player to wide format was the first step. HD is the second step. One problem with HD, though, is that it takes a longer time to download, so it may not play smoothly on the typical Internet connection. Instead, the video stops and starts, while downloading.


One Response to YouTube selectively rolls out HD (high def)

  1. scribbler says:

    Personally, after many years on not-so-fast broadband, I have gained an impressive knack of allowing videos to buffer, clicking play, then pause, then going off to do something for a few minutes.

    It’s not perfect, but it’ll do.

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