YouTube googlefies video player with search bar + redesigns home page

December 4, 2008

News: Michael Arrington details here the design changes to YouTube’s homepage and the “search bar” that now pops up in the embedded YouTube video player. Arrington doesn’t like the changes, saying the search bar “uglifies” the video player and that he doesn’t love the home page changes.

You can see the search bar pop up in this video by watching it:

Analysis: I don’t like the design changes to the home page, either; looks clunkier and boxier at the top with the header. I don’t like the look of the new search bar, either, but it’s obvious what YouTube is trying to do. It’s basically making YouTube videos a portable Google search for YouTube videos. Every embedded YT video now can be used to search the entire database of YouTube. Not sure this is a moneymaker that Google covets, and I’m sure some, if not many, in the YouTube community will not like this blot on the YouTube player’s look.