President-elect Obama gives Thanksgiving address


2 Responses to President-elect Obama gives Thanksgiving address

  1. Kathy Caruthers says:

    Very much admire and appreciate your Fireside Chats. Very caring and personal. Thank you.

  2. Nancy F. Martin says:

    At age 72, I have never heard such an honest effort to help us. You are the answer to our prayers Barack Obama…WE really need you and your wonderful family because you want to have the U.S be a united family I thank you for your wanting to help us seniors who invested all in our homes thinking that we would have equity in old age. But because of unfair comps in IL houses worth millions are now only worth much of nothing… So, please have them at least apprasise homes by s;q. footage and all the special things they have rather than depriving the middle class of the fair equity of their homes , cheat them and they can’t even refinance or sell their home to at least get what they put into it etc. over 40 years…each year upkeep and additions, etc.

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