The YouTube President: President Obama will use YouTube to post “fireside chat” videos during his presidency

News:  It’s now official.  President Barack Obama will be a YouTuber!  As I have been predicting, President Obama will continue to utilize YouTube to post videos (weekly!!) while he is in office.  He will be the first U.S. President to do so.  (More from WashPost) He will even be fielding questions through videos.

The videos will be posted on his website and on Obama’s YouTube channel.

UPDATE:  here is the first video from President-elect Obama.

Analysis:  The U.S. Presidency has finally entered the 21st century!  Thanks to Barack Obama, The Utube Blog has something to write about for the next 4 years, if not 8!

3 Responses to The YouTube President: President Obama will use YouTube to post “fireside chat” videos during his presidency

  1. garry bass says:

    looking foward to the new america, and all the togethernest that will come from being a part of the nation of the america’s and the world

  2. christina corbett says:

    I will keep this in simple terms,the “man of the people” is hosting an inauguration where the only “people” invited are ones who can/will pay $50,000 per head to attend. What happened to his common man – they must watch in the cold on teletrons – good keep them in their place? — Why did not he have a lottery for all Americans to have an opportunity to attend such an histoiical event? Hmmmm,. man of the people and change – makes one wonder. cc

  3. I’m an 80 year old life long Democrat and look forwayd to some real changes, especially in health care. But I have never heard Mr. Obama mention any help he will give Seniors as to the taxes we have to pay on our small SS check, or help with health insurance (I pay $5,008 a year plus $4000 prescriptions)). I can only afford to eat 1 meal a day. We elderly people need help and no sign we will get it. How about some real help for us, and not promises a la GWB.

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