Sarah Palin CNN interview with Larry King + Wolf Blitzer

Click here for the videos

Click here for the short version in which Sarah Palin sounds like a candidate in 2012

2 Responses to Sarah Palin CNN interview with Larry King + Wolf Blitzer

  1. Since the election, Palin now claims that her ticket was underfunded and that contributed to their demise. She is constantly undermining the voter’s intelligence. She thinks that people don’t listen to what the candidates say, and do some research into their past records and vote their conscience? She actually thinks that if they had spent more money they would have wooed some voters? this is disturbing. Along with her constantly saying that the people’s voice doesn’t matter, which happens to be most represented on line- she doesn’t check blogs and thinks the blogosphere is not important,…it is the voice of the people! She also says that Couric asking her what media she reads in Alaska is irrelevant and annoying- however, we all know how important it is where one gets their information…is soely mainstream media? Is it independant sources? Does she read foreign media to broaden her perspective? She says she is one of ‘us’ and for the people, but she is always marginalizing the people’s voice in all kinds of ways…who could trust her??

  2. Lee M says:

    I think the important thing to clarify is that Katie Couric did not ask Palin what she reads in Alaska (as Palin has stated twice in an attempt to save face). Couric asked Palin what she reads, which is a perfectly legetimate question–which she incidentally had no answer for.

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