US military launches “TroopTube,” a YouTube-like site for military

November 12, 2008

News:  The US military has launched a beta site called TroopTube, which is basically a YouTube-like site for U.S. military. 

Analysis:  A nice way to keep military in touch with their families.  The use of “TroopTube” is interesting, though.  I wonder when trademark concerns becomes a problem for YouTube.  We already have “GodTube” “WeGame,” and “YouPorn.”  I wonder if a site could called itself “ITube” or “WeTube” or “MyTube,” without running into trademark problems.

Has YouTube turned Hollywood, or Google-like? — new sponsored ad video program + profressional content

November 12, 2008

News:  In the past month, YouTube has announced several major initiatives in order to generate more revenues from the business-maligned video sharing site.   YouTube has already announced several deals with Hollywood studios and content producers to feature “premium” content on YouTube, much like the FOX-NBC Universal site hulu.  YT will also deploy live event webcasting.   Today, YouTube has announced a “sponsored video” program that allows advertisers to pick videos on YouTube for their ads, with keyword searchability.  A YT user can enter search terms on YT and then “sponsored videos” will be given notice along with other entries, just as in a Google search.  (More)  YouTube even set up an Advertising channel for itself.

Analysis:  Brilliant move.  Instead of having to have your video “go viral” on YouTube, you can now just pay money and get a better chance of getting noticed.  This “sponsored video” program sounds like a moneymaker.

Resident Foodies (TM) review Ubuntu Restaurant in Napa, Jeremy Fox executive chef

November 12, 2008

YouTube version above. Higher quality versions can be found by clicking (1) Dailymotion here or (2) bliptv here.

Review:  Chef Jeremy Fox has been named as 2008 Best New Chef by Food and Wine Magazine and 2008 Best Chef by San Francisco Magazine.  He is one of the best young chefs in the country.  His restaurant is Ubuntu, a vegetarian restaurant, in Napa.  The restaurant is unique in that it has a yoga studio in it.  Check it out.

Sen. John McCain on Jay Leno Tonight Show (Nov. 11)

November 12, 2008

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