Brian Williams NBC interview Sarah Palin + John McCain

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6 Responses to Brian Williams NBC interview Sarah Palin + John McCain

  1. Joy Muller says:

    Mr. Williams~ gee, I don’t think you were quite biased and negative enough in your comments prior to your interview with McCain/Palin this am. Let’s see if you can work on that for tonight.. I am so disappointed in NBC’s biased coverage with this election, it’s actually concerning to me as an American. And one more thought- is ANYONE going to address the issue that we are very likely about to elect a man to the presidency that won’t even respect/honor our flag during the star spangled banner??!!

  2. finallyfedup says:

    Joy, do you ever watch Fox News? The fact is that every news show is biased. The news is not the news anymore. I want news and not newscaster opinions. If they want to share their opinions, then call it what it is, tabloid news. And by the way, do you really think because a person doesn’t put a hand over a heart during the star spangled banner they are unamerican? The same people who owned, beat, and slept with slaves put their hands over their hearts. The same people who wrote a constitution that says Black people aren’t even full citizens held their hands over their hearts too! What makes you an American is how you treat another American. What does YOUR patriotism look like? Hum?!

  3. ame darias says:


  4. John Reynolds says:

    Brian you liberal HACK! Your bias and distain for both Republican candidates reeks in your words. You arrogant ass, you never have made decisions anywheres near as important and complicated as these two professionals. You are like a Lemming, following the party line like a whore in heat.

  5. comickey says:

    …..”they will find he has a spine of steel.” Biden on Obama!

    Amazing that statement is left out of Biden’s comments which, of course, gives a whole different meaning to what was said.

    Come on…get your facts straight.

  6. Eunice Kern says:

    Brian,Your bias is obvious to everyone I talk to. You spend 3 times longer interviewing and talking about the Obama and liberal agenda. The voting public is not stupid. Alot of us will not be watching you

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