YouTube to John McCain: help us strengthen fair use + reduce DMCA abuses

October 16, 2008

News: I already discussed the letter the John McCain camp sent to YouTube regarding McCain videos removed because of alleged copyright infringement. In YouTube’s response, it asks Senator McCain for help in reforming copyright law:

Obama camp launches ads on McCain’s flip flops on allegiance to President Bush

October 16, 2008

McCain on support for George W. Bush ad

90 percent ad

3rd Presidential Debate between McCain and Obama

October 16, 2008

Discussion on negative attacks and Ayers

The full debate

Analysis: Bob Schieffer of CBS was the best moderator of the all the moderators in 2008. He asked some new questions that had not been asked before (such as on the Supreme Court, the qualifications of VP candidates, the negative ads), and he elicited sharp and spirited exchanges between the candidates without being unduly restrictive on the time.