Hillary + Bill Clinton campaign for Obama


3 Responses to Hillary + Bill Clinton campaign for Obama

  1. carole131 says:

    Hillary doesn’t mention the Democratic candidate’s name. BARACK OBAMA is his name! I’ve read & heard this before. Also the rumor that she wants Obama to lose so that John McCain can make America so miserable, her chances at the presidency in 4 years will be assured. Both Hillary & Bill are very weak in their support for Obama.

  2. Karen Heumesser says:

    I support Barack Obama because of his Vision, Intelligent and Wisdom that
    hewill bring to the White House. America please vote the the candidate not because
    he is black or white but for the content of his character and the man with that character

  3. sandie shuck says:

    The question is: Obama promised to immediately take this country in another direction. I need a tax cut immediately. I need alternative energy now-I cannot wait. I do not want to h ear, as Obama did promise, any excuses to be blamed on the former administration. We know that-He has to immediatelystart on Healthcare, withdrawing the troops (and our miliatary immediately will need jobs as many will be out-if we do not have jobs for them at home -that is not fair.) I really think that Obama should turn to Bill Clinton as his advisor.

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