Maverick?: Obama camp launches video discussing John McCain’s connection to convicted Charles Keating in Savings + Loan fraud

October 6, 2008

News:  Wow, this new video–titled “Keating Economics: John McCain & The Making of a Financial Crisis“–is 13 minutes long.  It already has 1/2 million views on YouTube, even though it was just published.  (More news here)  Overtly, the video tries to show McCain’s deregulation philosophy is long-standing and deep-seated, and has led to several financial crises.  But one can’t ignore the video’s raising of the whole ethical shroud surrounding the “Keating 5” senators, including McCain, in intervening on behalf of Keating (a campaign contributor and friend of McCain) in meeting with federal regulators about his S’n’L.  A Senate Ethics committee found McCain guily only of “poor judgment.”